Wednesday, November 11, 2015

2 random things to kill time

We have a new holiday to celebrate.  Every year on Nan's birthday, we are going to celebrate her by creating something.  Nana was an amazing artist, so we got out some paint and then put it on flat surfaces.  Thing 3 mostly painted himself and then my picture.  Motherhood.  I should probably frame it.

Also, WonderGirl got glasses.  The glasses we got her last year were for reading, but apparently she is really good at fulfilling her mini-me status by heading into nearsightedness with gusto.  My sunshine is - I mean - was - blind, but now she is really, really excited about reading the fine print of every poster she sees.


Anonymous said...

With those glasses and her expression, she looks a lot like her dad.

Jane said...

That's the same age I was when I got glasses! Made people seem a whole lot closer to me. It was weird.

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