Tuesday, November 10, 2015

best laid plans

For every list you show me with fun outings for toddlers, I can give you actual examples of why that is a perfectly fine outing for most toddlers, but mine are a wild exception to the rule. They are such amazing humans, but traits that make you an amazing humans are not the traits that make you a toddler that can be trusted in public.

Today we went to a new park. It was new because I drove 20 miles to check out a satellite site of the museum of natural science that we now have annual passes to - and though I got the opening hour right, I didn't notice the note that is is closed Tuesdays. So.... Google a nearby Park FAST. Even though I know perfectly well that this will end poorly.

So I documented it.

Oooo, a park with slides and bridges and this cool climbing thing!

A total of 5 minutes is spent in the area that was designed for children.

Is that a parking lot?? I love those!!

Water... I wonder how close I can get before mom pulls me away and then I howl in complete surprise even though this happens Every. Single. Time. we are near a lake or river.

Okay, I'll settle with throwing rocks.

I think I'll throw actual dirt now.

At this point, I had to follow him around, keeping him from tripping joggers, stepping on poop, and then he rolled in the grass right next to the lake and I don't even want to know what ended up on his shorts....

Then ten more minutes of hearding him to the car while he alternates between limp, rigamortis, and running in whatever direction I'm not.

I've seen kids who are afraid of venturing away from their parent. Kids who sit nicely on their parent's laps at the library. Kids who don't scream because they are reading a book where the character is screaming therefore they should be screaming. The Dude's doctor mentioned last week that not all children are like this. There is something known as an "easy going" child, and I will be grateful that my kids aren't easily swayed by peer pressure.

I could really go for some of that around now though...

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Jane said...

Can you find a place near some water where you could (safely) throw him in?
Oooo! Get one of those elastic things runners use for strength training against a tree!

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...