Monday, November 9, 2015

monday monday


I actually don't despise Mondays. After weekends of breaking up wrestling matches and having whatever food I place in front of people rejected 3 times a day instead of the usual 2, I don't mind taking a breath.  Also - I'll let you in on a little secret:  I engineered a weekly activity for Mondays so I won't dread them - you know, all that awkward angry time with a toddler who misses the other people he can wail at so he focuses all his energy at you?

So you know how in a previous life, I got a masters in teaching the violin?  And how I used to do that?  But when we lived in Georgia and I had a WonderBaby, I tried it and I found that my skill set of teaching was incompatible with my skill set of mothering.  I had to find sitters for her constantly, and when I taught in the evening, I'd lose track of time and have a frustrated husband.  And then when we moved to Wisconsin and WonderGirl started going to school, I realized a private music teacher's hours coincided with the only time I could teach my own child.  After school time is precious.

Buuut, I met a homeschool family who didn't mind lessons during the day, and had several sibs who could play with the Dude, and then later with Thing 3.  It was kind of a winwin, but a tricky situation to find.  I had already fielded multiple requests to teach here - including a private music school - I have no idea how they got my number.  But with teaching violin to WG and piano her and the Dude, my afternoons are booked.

By a miracle or two, I made a friend here with a adorable little girl who home schools, and has a little brother around Thing 3's age.  I agreed to teach her - as long as she let me go over to her place to do it, and give Thing 3 a playdate while I taught.  WIN.  There's no WHADDOIDO Monday slump, and since she's a mom and a friend, we can be flexible, say when Thing 3 vomits all over me Sunday night and I have to reschedule.  No problemo.

So that's my Monday.  Tuesday is another matter altogether...


Jane said...

You are some kind of genius. And that's an awesome win.
We go swimming on Tuesdays if that's an option for you? :-)

Cathie said...

I normally dread going back to work on Mondays, but some weekends it's a huge relief to let the monster be someone else's problem for a while. Of course, she's much better behaved at daycare.

Cathie said...
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