Wednesday, November 4, 2015

quality is overrated

We all know I am an obsessed mamarazzi, yes?  I decided long ago that when it came to photographing my family, it was quantity over quality.  I decided that after we scheduled and paid for a photo session where our darling daughter went psychotic for the next 4 hours.  I still genuinely don't know why, but I knew then that if I wanted to get any decent shot of my family, it would not be a scripted moment.  They just don't play thataway.

So hence, my 365 project - now in my 3rd year of a picture that involves at least one member of my family every day.  They are definitely not all winners - but it's consistent, which is pretty huge for me.  Consistent is NOT one of my deals.  Consider a few of the At Least There Is A Picture For Today shots from just this year so far -

I was seconds from falling asleep when I remembered I hadn't taken a picture for this day - grabbed my  phone and came in juuust under the wire.  Inspiring, no?

I really did forget this day - I was in an absolute panic when I realized that, and then I found that the Dude had taken a silly video with my phone while waiting in a doctor's waiting room.  Screen cap!

I don't even remember what this was of, but it got taken and therefore it counts.

And then there are a few winners...

If you take a bazillion pictures I think I'm close to that) then it stands to reason that there would have to be at least a few that speak to your memories.

And ge this - just a few weeks ago - this child - this human who was nowhere even a twinkle in my eye or ear or anything when I started blogging - turned 9.


But the point is - you should totally try it.  There's a TON of quantity, but there's a little quality in there too.  Just a thought.


Jane said...

I'm of the same mind when it comes to photographing kids.
(Thank goodness for digital - can you imagine if we were still using film?!)
Take a zillion so chances are better that one will be good.

Cathie said...

But where are the pictures of you?

Cathie said...

But where are the pictures of you?

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