Tuesday, November 3, 2015

shameful self promotion

I was trying to come up with something to blog about that wouldn't put both me and you, dear reader, to sleep - and then I remembered - there is something kind of big that has happened and since I've been a cruddy blogger, you have not been made aware of it.

So we know I have this alter ego - by day and most of the year - the proverbial Mormon woman.  Mom, wife, and.... that covers it.  But a few days a year - I'm the violinist in a Celtic band.  The BlarneyGirls.

And a few weeks ago, we officially released our third CD - Play Nice (love the title?  I totally made that up!), but this time, all proper-like.  We produced it a few years back and have been selling it at shows, but Michael went ahead and got it printed and bar coded and all that jazz.  Which means....

You can download it on iTunes! Listen to us on Spotify!  And buy the digital or physical album at CDBaby!

You can also listen and check out videos and pictures are ReverbNation.  So hardcore.

And that's not so boring.  It's actually kind of awesome.

And now, a few pictures from the release/Stone Mountain Highland Games weekend..

 Stage selfies with our friend Colin and a sound dude...

 Liz doing yoga before our show at the Red Clay theater for the official release.

My fiddle and Liz's bodhran just chllin'.

This is on MARTA in Atlanta.  I ARRIVED.

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Jane said...

So! Not! Boring!
Congratulations! And I am so buying the CD!! (I'm old school that way!)
(There aren't enough exclamation points to type this properly!!)

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