Thursday, September 23, 2010

throwback thursday

Las night my mom called me.  I could only tell it was her by the familiar cackle, as she was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak.  She’d apparently just read the post about WonderGirl’s antics in tumbling class.  I gave her the blow-by-blow and we both giggled.  My child is the nicest kind of psychotic there is.

Just before we hung up, she asked me why in the world would I would be giving parenthood advice when I have only been a mother for just under 4 years.  That also gave her a chuckle.  The thought had also occurred to me, but becoming a mother was not a particularly easy road for me so I figured I should share what I’ve gleaned since I gleaned it all through blood, sweat and tears.  I went back to my old blog and looked for an entry from those first few days to post as an example of how tough it had been and how hard I had to work at this.  But I couldn’t find just one.  I went through a few months of entries and couldn’t stop crying.  I had been brutally honest, but reading through now I remember all the things that were so bad that I couldn’t write about them.  Holy snap, I’d forgotten how bad it had really been.

In between all of it, strangers and friends from around the globe would write me e.mails with encouragement and answers to my questions. I know I say it far too often, but thank you, intrawebs.  Thank you to every single one of you who reads my drivel and shares your lives with me.  You were a blessing then and are a joy to me now.

So, I won’t post anything today from those days… just a HUGE hug.  We’ve come a long way, baby.

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