Thursday, October 28, 2010

i don't do cold.

I am progressively getting angrier and angrier as it gets colder.  Keeping layers on the kids and trying to hold onto a wiggling child while I am covered in slippery layers myself are proving to be a day-ruin-er.  Grr.

Now, in happy news, I forgot about the Halloween things WonderGirl had to do yesterday and thankfully, I have an awesome mom who bought WG both a Snow White and Cinderella dress that came in handy for school and church.  I did her hairs all fancy for the first time too - bobby pins and curling irons, oh my!  She was really a vision… I made such a lovely little girl!  And tomorrow we are going to the main event - the Boo Fest in downtown, where she will be a sandwich.  Made especially for her by my bestest Danielle.  Pictures forthcoming - it is beyond adorable!!

Aaaand that’s the latest.

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