Thursday, October 28, 2010

throwback thursday

I’m in a boring blogging rut.  Even this throwback is boring!  But it reminded me of what I feel like now sometimes - oh, I’m back in the USofA, but I’m nowhere near my comfortable ‘burb living.  Here are my boringest of boring musings from back on December 10th, 2007.  Also, the squeeze cheese they put on the pizza is called catupiry and it is vile.  Oh, the sad, sad things Brasilians do to Italian food…

2 weeks until I’m in America!! And all I want to do (besides enjoy my family and stuff) is go to Target and EAT EVERYTHING AMERICAN. Jared is planning on bringing back a frozen block of sharp cheddar (he knows someone who sucessfully did it) and most everything we are planning to buy is fooood.

I’m gonna eat KFC with those yuuuummy biscuits and mashed potatoes and coleslaw - I don’t even NEED the chicken! And In-N-Out Burger, and Papa John’s and Taco Bell and just sour cream and cheddar.

All I miss is the food…. and the joys of Super Target. I never had the highest standards for food, and yet except for the nummy nummy Churrascurias (those BBQ places they bring the meat to you and cut you a piece of it with a sword - it’s $50 a person in the states, and $5 here - my dad is gonna FLIP when he comes!) I have been met with disappointment. Dang stupid American. I’m open-minded! I swear!

**Mom, I don’t need an e.mail on how you didn’t raise your kid to be a picky eater, just wait until you try the pizza with squeeze cheese all over it!! You’ll understand!!** 

Most of the disappointment comes from the lack of food quick - not just fast food, but yeah… it’s really hard to get anything here “on the go” and many times we really are on the go. Don’t take fast food for granted America! Hey, the states even have GOOD food fast, like Atlanta Bread Factory, Quiznos and Einstein Bagels…
Dang, I gotta stop now. I’m starving!

SUPERCRACK is going to gain 46 pounds over Christmas and it’s ALL WORTH IT!

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