Monday, November 1, 2010

a good start

Everyone on the blog-o-sphere seems to be all dreamy and optimistic about this November thing.  Oooo, it’s soooo snuggly, oooo, I love the fall… I feel the pull, I used to love it too.  But I also know it means in a matter of weeks, I’ll be encapsulated in a white tomb for months.  And months. ZZZZZZHIFUGWRIU.

But the blog-o-sphere is also all about being trippy about November, and what to be thankful for.  I guess that’s a train I can get on.

I am thankful that today, there is no snow.  I am thankful that Man invented fire.  How great is fire??  I mean not the hurt-y, destroy-y part, but the warm-y part.  That part is nice.  I am thankful for the light behind my children’s eyes.  Have you met those kids who only have blank stares?  I have.  Even if the light is saying that the Dude is calculating how to best tackle his sister (in the nicest way possible, it’s hilarious), it’s awesome.  I’m thankful for a smart husband.  I’m thankful for my digestive system.  That’s a nice thing to have.  I’m thankful for my cool mom.  I’m thankful that our number is wonky so haven’t had a single robocall.  I’m thankful for my education, and parents insane enough to help me get it.  

Oh, and in the immortal words of my uncle, I’m thankful for right turn on red.

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