Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the good, the bad, the ugly

the Good:

WonderGirl has been learning to read and she’s doing really well.  Really bleepetybleeping well.  It was so odd and awesome when she was learning to talk, because she was so happy about the amazing new world open to her.  Heck, it still is - every day she gets to learn a new word and is THRILLED about it.  But it was a shock to hear my former ball of baby making coherent sentences, and it’s like that all over again.  We were walking down the street the other day and she started jumping up and down, pointing and screaming  ”MOM! That sign says ‘Toy Store Now Open!’  It’s OPEN!!  LET’S GO GET TOYS!!!!”  So this ‘good’ obviously has a downside to it as well.

Also, I got some Pip Squeakers on eBay for a cool 10 bucks shipped, and the Dude is running around in circles, laughing hysterically at his feet.  We are going on a trip this weekend, and since he’s in the running stage, I’ve been a little nervous about him in the airport.  He won’t get too far anyway, because even if he did try to run, he’d eventually fall over from laughing at his squeaking feet.

the Bad:

I made the coolest corkscrew pasta for the kids for lunch, and they both ended up throwing it on the floor.  Wasn’t the Dude supposed to be less picky??  Sigh, at least he’ll eat some things, as opposed to WG.  Last night he ate almost an entire jar of apple sauce in one sitting.

the Ugly:

The house.  It was so clean last week… how on earth did it become so scary so quickly??

oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I really want to make a profile on Mormon.org but I canNOT find a decent picture of myself.  I can barely find any that are of just me and are not insanely goofy looking.  I’m so lucky that I have the time to be annoyed by such trivial matters.

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