Thursday, August 25, 2011

overheard in my kitchen

Scene: At the table as a family for dinner. The wife is gushing about the upcoming trip to the Big City.

Wife: We only have a few weeks to plan - we have to get every single thing perfect!!

Husband: Why?

Wife: Are you kidding me?? A vacation? Without children? To NEW YORK?? This is a once in a lifetime thing!!

Husband: No, it’s not. We’ll do crazy stuff again.

Wife: Okay, true, but this is a still HUGE and we have to plan every second exactly right. We have to get the most out of every moment and see everything and do everything and…

Husband, interrupting: I don’t know what you are planning to see, but I’m mostly going for the shopping and food.

stunned silence

Wife: …

She melts into a puddle on the floor as she realizes she is married to the most perfect man on earth.

aaaaaaand scene.

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