Tuesday, September 27, 2011

brain bullet list

1. My head cold/pounding sinus headache and snot producing episode is now approaching 2 weeks. 2 weeks.  How on earth is that fair??  Also, the kids are goopy, but husband - who has refused to stop smooching me - has stayed well.  I take more vitamins than him.  The injustice is getting to the point that I’m thinking of recruiting Al Sharpton to champion my cause.

2. I’m slightly glad facebook has gone all skeewumpas.  I’m much less tempted to be on it, and more tempted to live an actual life.  And though my actual life has far less human interaction, it also has far fewer ALL CAPS NOTIFICATIONS THAT REPOSTING SOMETHING CAN PROVE MY LOVE AND SUPPORT FOR ALL THINGS AND ALSO MAKE STUFF MAGICALLY FREE.  

3. My birthday is coming up and I’m seriously thinking of asking for Spanx.  Really.  I miss a flat stomach, and these sit-ups are not doing a durn thing.

4. I love the blogging stuff and I’m pretty sure the only person who has blogged longer than me is Dooce.  But I’ve never had a consistent comment thingamajig in my over 10 years blogging and it is REALLY annoying.  I love Tumblr, but I have no idea why Disqus won’t let 70% of people who come here post anything.  Do I really have to make the move to WordPress or Blogger?  I really cannot understand WP, and I already have a few blogs with Blogger.  It feels “meh,” whereas I prefer my personal blog to feel “WHEEE!!”  Although actually being able to have people comment would feel pretty WHEEEEEE…

5.  I’m going home for Thanksgiving, where I have not one, but 2 fresh-from-heaven nephews!  I’ve never really been so excited about getting new relatives of the baby variety, but in my defense, I’ve never really liked babies anyway.  For some reason, I’m totally pumped to squish these guys!  I’m getting better about being bitter at seeing other people have a decent non-suicidal transition into motherhood (and getting to give birth in a nice place like America that also has a Target and where they live within the same time zone as family).  So that’s helping.

6. This sounds grumpy.  I’m not TERRIBLY grumpy.  I think it’s the snot talking.

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heidi said...

YAY! thanks for doing this for me! and HEAR HEAR on facebook. it's a drug. if they make it harder i will ween myself. ween is such a gross word.
and my favorite fb statusi are the ones talking about saving the worldby punching people in the face. i know those work.

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