Saturday, October 15, 2011

OH!!!'d to Jane

My bro Tarzan and his lovely wife Jane, being photobombed by Quinn and Mara - did they do that on purpose??  Because they always look that excited :)

She's the expert at these ode-things, but she deserves one (she's... OWE'd?? HAHAHA!!)  because it's Jane's birthday!!!  

(actually, her birthday was technically yesterday and I DID start this post yesterday because then my 
back started hurting so bad that I had to roll around on the floor and moan for half an hour.  So I'm finishing it now like a big cheater)

To those who might possibly have been living under a rock and NOT know Jane, she's my oldest brother's fantabulous wife of almost 11 years now.  Seriously, I can hardly believe she's been my sis for 11 years, but she has!  And she is, as we all know, fantabulous.  So, I will now attempt to sing Jane's praises through the use of poetry:

Of all the fair damsels that e're had a brain, 
there has never been quite such a lady as Jane.
She cooks in the kitchen and on the dance floor,
and spreads the bloggy-webs with witticisms galore.
 Her heart is as big as an ocean - they say,
for she gives it - and her heart all away - 
to her family, her friends, and her fluffy/lucky cats,
(not to mention at church, she runs most of that)
And not to be selfish, but her greatest benefaction
has been joining my family and springing into action
with fabulous parties, surprises and let's not forget - 
everyone EVERYONE gets a fantabulous Christmas present!!
So to our dearest Jane - I hope I can convey
that we all adore you on your birthing-est day
And thank you for being so fab and putting up with this fuss,
we're just so thankful you are ours and put up with all of us!!

I just read that to the hubs and WG and they both agree that it is VERY Seuss-ian.  But only the best for our beloved Jane!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hearty dittos!!!!! :D
And I love and admire Jane's quick wit.
Most excellent Ode, m'lady.

Elizabeth said...

Nice! Like the poem! I concur, quite Seussian. Happy Birthday Jane!!!

Jane said...

I am stunned. First, an actual ode! I am in awe.
And then THANK YOU! That's so sweet and how do I copy this so I have it forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and also forever?

Mara said...

This picture is awesome! Happy Birthday Liz!

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