Sunday, October 16, 2011

one year older and wiser too....?

People, I just realized I've been making this year-in-review thing for 10 years today.  Seriously.  Was your mind just blown?  ME TOO.

I compiled this list for my mom, but you can go digging too if you want.  Especially because I'm pretty sure those lists are going to be waaayyyy more interesting than this year.
22nd birthday
23rd birthday
24th birthday
25th birthday
26th birthday
27  th  birthday
28 th birthday
29th birthday
30th birthday
31st birthday

And now, without further ado, my 31st year in review:

  • Took a loverly and super awesome vacay with the family to Atlanta for no reason other than cheap tickets.
  • Taught WonderGirl to read, play violin and piano.
  • Got some blue hairs.
  • Saw both of the Harry Potters.  Bawled and cheered both times.
  • Hubs went to China for the first time and I survived.
  • Spent Christmas in Wisconsin.
  • Got a sewing machine and a new obsession hobby!!
  • My dad beat the cancers.  (that technically wasn't me, but I did some pretty motivating cheers for the doctors)
  • Celebrated 6 years of matrimony with some incredible sushi in Iowa.
  • Got a flat tire on the way back from Iowa, but all was well.
  • Got a fancy schmancy DSLR camera!!!
  • Did a weekend of shows with the BorderCollies in Atlanta.
  • Found out why the Dude chews on things to show happy, sad, tired, gassy, etc - and therefore was uninterested in speaking since his mouth was otherwise occupied.  Lotsa therapy and prayers, and our boy is a talkin' machine!!!
  • Hopped in the car with 2 hours notice and drive overnight to Denver to see Lola's amazing baby and hang out with my family for a WHOLE MONTH while the husband galavanted around China.
  • Got called as the president of the Young Women's organization in our ward (church thang).
  • Went to Atlanta to play 2 weekends of gigs and vacationed in between.  HEAVENLY!!
  • Went to Nauvoo, IL with family for a week.
  • Hosted a sleepover for the teen girls at my house.
  • Celebrated the Dude's 2nd birthday!!
  • Sent off my firstborn to 4 year old kindergarten.  Bawled my face off.
  • Went to New York City with the husband!!  No kids!!  Just us!!  Vacationed!!  Saw someone make a world record - the most cannolis eaten in 6 minutes!!  Ate seriously awesome food and took a picture of it all!!  AWESOMESAUCE!!!
  • Threw a successful birthday partay for WonderGirl.  5 YEARS OLD.  SERIOUSLY.

Thanks for being awesome 31.  Much has changed in the last 10 years.  I don't think 22 year old Reva could have ever guessed what 32 would look like, but I think she'd be jealous of me.  Being me is kind of fabulous.


Maria said...

Happy Birthday Reva! You accomplish so much all the time! I agree when you say your 22 y/o self would be jealous!

Jane said...

You are fabulous. I'm just amazed it took you this long to admit it to yourself.
You know I try to be like you every chance I can.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous is as Fabulous does...and it looks like you got the Fabulous thing down just fine. If your record of progress is any indicator, next year is well worth looking forward to.
Happy Fabulous #32!

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