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And as an addendum to this post, the rest of church went as follows: running around during Sunday School trying to nail down people and things for the activity Wednesday, teaching the YW lesson with the stake YW president there (blallaahahhhh), then trying to be there when husband got set apart for his calling in the bishop's office.  I say trying because the second we got in there my hungry and cranky kids went for the candy jar on the bishop's desk like wolves.  When they finally got ready to do the actual setting apart, they were done with their lollipops and NEEDED MORE.  So WG started crying and the Dude yelled so much I just let him go in the hopes he'd quietly meander around the teeny tiny office.  But he went around the men and went straight to the glass candy jar and lifted it off the desk over his head.  I know I was supposed to reverently close my eyes and listen, but I had to rush over and stop the crazy, so I slipped around the nice playing men to the Dude who was saying "I want pink!" over and over (a pink lollipop) and tried to shush him and silently (unsuccessfully though) unwrap another freakin' lollipop.  So now he was happily licking away, but instead of silence and the blessing, WG was in the other corner of the room loudly sobbing, possibly because SHE wanted another lollipop, though she swore it was because she thought daddy would never come home again.  Which may or may not be true, as it is 9:30pm and he is currently off doing more churchly duties.

And then I went home while 5 kids tore up the house for the afternoon and then hosted a insane dinner for like 12 people.  I feel like I've been through a washing machine.  All in favor of sneaking away to South America???


jennaroo said…
You did an AWESOME job dealing with all that was thrown your way today. And dinner was wonderful. Hope the rest of your evening was less chaotic :)
Elizabeth said…
Ummm...I really need to come and visit you...how am I going to manage this, I don't know, but I need to.

You can totally do this, you know. It will take some getting used to, it's a new schedule to deal with...the kids will get used to it, Forster will grow a little older and a little more mature in his own cute/crazy way, your mini-me will continue to amaze everyone, and YOU my dear will grow right along with them. And you will have wonder sisters/tender mercies ALL over the place. Angels. Bless that woman for sitting next to you.

And hey, look on the bright side. He's NOT the Bishop. Which means his schedule won't be as crazy as the Bishop's. That is definitely something to be thankful for.

What a great opportunity for Jared! I can totally see him being a fabulous counselor.
Maria said…
I agree with what everyone else said! You really pulled off a lot-I don't know how you do it! Your account of how your little ones were freaking out is so funny-so how things really are:-)
Jane said…
Why do you - the newest person to the insanity - need to host a bunch of people and their kids at your house on the same day? I don't follow.
Also, I would have sent the kids to the gym and let them run screaming with the rest of the banshees if they weren't going to sit and be quiet for Daddy. (Harsh, probably, and no I don't have kids, but there are times when less stress for you is the greater good.)
Anonymous said…
I feel guilty now since half way through this incredible post I found myself bursting with insane laughter. The setting-apart scene (& your graphically brilliant retelling of it) rivals any sitcom creation - period.
Hearty congratulations pulling off the Best Of Show Sabbath to date. :D

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