out with the old

Husband and I both broke my phone last Friday night at the dance we were chaperoning.   We were in the kitchen, washing up the dishes we'd used to eat the sososososososo yummy pho he'd gotten when we discovered there was a Vietnamese restaurant right by the stake center.  As we wiped up the dishes, one of the stake presidency came in and asked us to come have a chat.  I knew what it was about (the bishopric thing) and I suddenly got all kinds of jittery.  It was at that moment the hubs saw my phone on the counter and handed it to me - and my hand didn't react quite quickly enough.  SMASH.

As much as I despised that phone - which would not actually allow me to answer or make calls on a regular basis - it was one of my connections to the outside world.  BAH.  But less than 24 hours later the husband went to pick up a random phone we'd found on Cragslist that turned out to be SO SUPER AWESOME.  I can update FB at will as well as answer AND make calls.  AMAZING!!!  You'd almost think I'd broken the other one on purpose.  Which I didn't.  Seriously.

In other news, Evening of Excellence went off swimmingly last night, despite my kids being up all Monday night with the stomach flu and then poor Jenna's kids getting it the next night.  I. am. wiped.

And, now I can get back to other duties, such rectifying the issue that there are ZERO clean bowls in this house.  To the dishwasher I go!!


Elizabeth said…
Hoorah! Love the decorations!! Yay for new fully functioning phone!! Samsung's are the best...
Jane said…
It's true, Samsungs ARE the best.
Also, no matter how many bowls there are, bowls are the first thing to run out. True story.
The Atomic Mom said…
holy smashed phone....it really did break.

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