Saturday, February 25, 2012

365 days 37-41 and a half. also, some bread.

I put on the timer to show what I'd done all day, and WG photobombed me.  That about covers the day too.

Why, is that a super awesome activity behind me that I masterminded?? And was my day SO hectic that this picture was the best I could do?? Why yes.  (also, aside to Atomic Mom - the dress code is up to the discretion of the leaders.  And since the girls were in charge and wanted to dress up like candy-themed whatevers, we went with casual.  I was within an inch of wearing my red and white striped tights before I realized I had absolutely nothing to go with them.)

Holy snap. How did that happen?

Domestic leanings are strong today. I'm going all Dr. Frankenstein on an old red shirt and a bunch of stretch lace fabric I found at the local thrift store. It's now a skirt. That may or may not make my butt look enormous. We'll see if I ever actually wear it in public.
Toddler asleep, everyone else at Home Depot.. nothing to do but snuggle up on the only patch of sunlight in the house. AAAAHHHHHH.
Hey, you get a two-fer today!  I own at least 40 shoes, but only wear these.  Where does a girl find a new pair of shoes these fabulous? 

Seriously.  I almost exclusively wear these.  It's cold and I have to wear socks, so cute flats are out.  And since I never wear matching socks (today is a verrryyyy rare exception) I HAVE to wear tennies that cover my fashion faux-pas.  And though I have 2 other pairs of Converse wanna-bes, they aren't slip-on like these, or as fabulously nonchalant.  Ugh.  I love them so.  

Do you have an idea where I could get totally comfy, slippy-on-y shoes like these??  I've researched and I thought Simple shoes might be the ticket, but seeing as I spent like $5 on these, the $40+ price tag just seems unjustifiable.  Oh, and they're going out of business.  BLARG.

Also, I have a few thank yous.  Oh, thank you for complimenting my bread!  I feel like a dough-y rock star.  The recipe I have is one the hubs gave me and I'm pretty sure it's the recipe for Papa John's pizza dough. In fact, we use it for pizza dough weekly, we just omit the second rise and roll it into a pizza pan.  I usually roll it out french-y bread-y style, but this time I tried the loaf pan and it worked.  So cool.  Anywho, since Jenna asked me to e.mail it to her and somehow blogging is actually easier than e.mail, here it is:

The Dough Recipe Husband Told Me to Use.

1 cup warm water
1 Tablespoon Yeast
2 Tablespoons Sugar

let sit 5 mins

1 teaspoon Salt
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

Turn on the mixer and slowly add enough flour to keep from sticking to the bowl.  When it gets to the right consistency, put the dough hook on the mixer at let it go for a few minutes.

slather with oil so dough doesn't dry out.  

cover and let rise for 2 hrs in a warm-ish place

punch down and roll out.

roll into loaf shape, slather with a touch of oil so it doesn't dry out.

Let raise an hour or so

bake at 400 until brown.  (if putting in a loaf pan, go with 375)

So no, Jane, it's not a grain mix of whatever, although the husband has managed to modify this by adding oatmeal and stuff.  And I learned the hard way to not add sugar AND honey.  Together they make the yeast go bonkers.  This is just plain french-y bread.  Oh, and as we speak, he's got a loaf rising that he made - but before he added the flour, he threw in some sliced up sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil.  Because he loves me.  I'll totally get a picture for you guys, it's incredible.

Now, I'm no cook.  We know this.  But bread is working for me.  Around 1pm I throw stuff in the mixer, around 3pm I roll it out and at 4pm I throw it in the oven before dinner.  You HAVE to know this is easy if I'm able to do it.

Oh, and Gabby says if you put some melted butter on the top when it comes out of the oven, it makes the crust nice and soft.  Totally trying that.  Anywho, have a loverly day!


jennaroo said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

I just realized what the numbers mean in the title of your posts. Hah! I am *such* a genius.
Thanks for the bread recipe. I'm gonna try it tomorrow.

Teresa said...

Ooh the picture of you on the rug is soo artistic! You should blow it up and put it up.

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