Thursday, February 23, 2012


So this Young Women's prez gig is starting to make me realize I kind of overdo things.  Some things.  Cleanliness, not so much.  But party decor, yes.  I actually find that very surprising about myself.  But I survived our New Beginnings last night!  I blogged it over here.  Because if you don't blog it, it didn't happen.

You know what else is surprising to me?  The things I'm starting to get good at just to avoid extra trips to the store.  Because I'd rather get really decent at making bread that have to stop into the Viking Mart with my adorable but VERY 2 year old Dude.

Who would have ever predicted that??  Not moi.


jennaroo said...

Bread looks yummy!! Wanna email me the recipe? Pretty please?

Jane said...

Decent looking bread. Whole wheat? Half and half? Raisin?

Gabby said...

Yummy bread. Breadmaker? Or all you? If you brush the top with melted butter when it comes out of the oven, the top will stay soft!

neonorangeds said...

I think your party decorations are awesome!!

(Does this mean I also over-do??)

The Atomic Mom said...

Your bread looks AH-MAZING!

Second, here's a question for you that I've been wondering about, as I've seen numerous New Beginnings posts around the it not a function that you wear your Sunday clothes to anymore? I remember always wearing Sunday clothes to NB back in the I out of it?

PS...great party decor... :)

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