Tuesday, July 10, 2012

365 days 166-179

We hosted 12 family members for a family reunion in a crazy heatwave and lived to tell the tale, and not to update my blog the entire flipping time.  No worries, at least I kept snapping my daily photos!

"Mommy, may I please dance? May I please turn around?"  It's never just dancing with this one - you always end up spinning. 
Homercles declares NAPTIME.
Papa Bear is in the HOUSE!!!  The reunion can officially begin!!
Husband and I etched mugs for every family member for the reunion - perfect for drinking that keg of root beer we got!!  Paaaartay!!

We spent a lovely family home evening at Pewitt's Nest where I took a million and one pictures of everyone else, and this one of me with the zoom all zoomed in.  Whoops.

We pulled off a long, hot sweaty day at Circus World and a surprise 40th anniversary party for my parents.  This picture of my popcorn making skills for the post-party-movie was all I could muster that day.  By the way, I make awesome popcorn.

And if you are so inclined, I made an epic video for the party.  Of course.  You can watch it if you want.
40th Wedding Anniversary of Mama and Papa Bear from Reva Paget on Vimeo.
Someday the lyrics for our tribute song (written to the tune We Didn't Start the Fire) will probably surface.  Dallin helped and somehow the words "explosive diarrhea" got in there.

Of course the only picture I managed to get was with my cell at 11pm.  But dagnabit I still haven't missed a day!
The family reunion was a success, hip hip hooray!  Jane was just as thrilled as I was.
Mom and Dad saved sparklers for husband and I to take a picture with since we'd managed to get some awesome ones with everyone else on the 4th (he was still cleaning up the party at church).  But the camera wouldn't cooperate and he burned his foot, so I'll name this one "Attempting To Keep The Spark Alive."  It takes WORK, people.
Mom and Dad officially left and I won't see them until after they return from China in a year.  So I spent most of my day hiding and crying like a ninny.
I was messing around in the kitchen and overexposed the heck out of this one.  I kind of dig it.

More with the kitchen... ugh.  Recovering from this reunion will take some effort.
WonderGirl picked out our matching outfits today, down to the shoes (she even put mine on for me).  Of course Dude couldn't keep away from the excitement, but we had no flowery tunics for him, poor thing.

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Jane said...

I'm pretty sure we did a lot of dishes while we were there...those can't be ALL ours.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...