Friday, July 13, 2012

For the family reunion , we put a pack-n-play in the closet and had the Dude take his naps in there.  I was nervous about it because I was scared he'd be able to get OUT, but the crazy thing was he was thrilled to get IN.  I'd find him sneaking in there for breaks all the time.    He didn't want to go back to the crib when everyone left, and I've been worrying this meant he was ready for a real bed.  Because I am so not there.

But husband lowered the side of the crib and put a step ladder so he can climb on in, and I swear, you've never seen a happier human in your life when this child climbs up and snuggles into his bed by himself.    This is a seriously dull post, but really, this is what is going on.  Flabbergastation at the adorableness.


Jane said...

Independance is a wonderful thing. We all just want it in a different way. Yay for loving the sleep Dude! I knew I liked that kid.

The Pagets in Florida said...

Giving kids a sense of independence is really nice. Not lifting heavy kids into a crib is also very nice. When it makes them happy, even better.


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