Monday, August 27, 2012

365 days 221-226

Remember the day WonderGirl had a playdate?  Then the Dude had his nap?  I missed him so much, and couldn't wait for naptime to be over.

So.tired.  Photobombed by WG.
STILL waiting for new contacts to arrive (the pinkeye wiped out my last pair) and I am sick of wearing glasses!  I miss seeing my eyeballs!

Hide and seek.  From housework, ugh.
We arranged a small recital for the kids who I teach and who take music lessons.  We're a talented bunch. Also, I accompanied almost all of these.  Too humble to mention it though.  ;)

Remember this dress??  You know, that I made by myself without a pattern because I don't know how to use patterns?  And didn't sew to fit tightly (or even remotely tight) because I don't know hot to sew buttons or zippers?  Well, it kind of rocked as a maternity dress yesterday, just tied the waist up above the bump and it kind of looked like I was pregnant instead of really full after a Thanksgiving dinner!  As soon as the kids go back to school, I am dragging that machine out again, dagnabit!

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