Guess what else I did??  I MADE THIS TOO.  My crafty SIL helped me make my own dress once, just by tracing the outline of one of my favorite shirts onto some material and making it longer, so I figured I could do that again.  This time I actually traced it onto some paper and made a pattern, then cut the material (I cut the back piece 3/4 inch wider on both sides, somewhere on the intrawebs told me this would make it fit better) and then I sewed it up.  I’ve been fiddling with it the last few days, sewing it a little more here and there (the neckline has been the biggest pain - I’m SO afraid to cut it, you can can always make something smaller, but you can’t make it un-cut), until where I’m almost done.  I’m going to try something with elastic in the sleeves so I can raise my arms a little easier, but other than that, I’m pretty pleased.  I’m always so sick of dresses that have a neckline that is juuuust a bit too big, or juuuuust a bit too short.  This isn’t the fanciest dress, but it’s modest and easy.  COOL, HUH?!  I’m trying to get the guts up to wear it to church… we’ll see if that ever happens…

Oh, and I’m not wearing the cardigan to cheat - I’d always planned on wearing one with it.  My shoulders are the weirdest part of my anatomy and I’m all about camouflaging there.  I swear under it, there are puffy sleeves.  Yeah, puffy!


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