Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the unmundane

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting from We Know Music on Vimeo.

Yesterday my camera freaked out of me.  Like, mad, crazy voodoo freaking out.  Also the odd-shaped and therefore have-no-extras-on-hand batteries for my camera remote died too.  I think that might be what freaked the camera out.

Yesterday was lovely.  After a morning with the kids at the library, I had enough energy to take a leisurely walk to the health foods store and get some not-too-junky treats then play and the park by the town's square.  Then as I pulled into my street, one of WonderGirl's friends called and asked to have her come play for the afternoon.  U-turn, then back home for the Dude's nap and stress about dinner.  At the last second, a friend called and asked if I wanted some extra home made tamales she and her mother-in-law (visiting from Mexico) had just made.  I screamed so loud I think she could actually hear me at her house a few miles away.

During naptime was when the camera freaked out and I had an accompanying meltdown.  This 365 thing is great, and being a part of a group to motivate me is lovely too, but this I-must-be-the-one-releasing-the-shutter-on-every-picture rule is hard.  I can frame a picture, but the shutter release doesn't always behave (especially at long distances) and I wish I could have someone else pushing the drasted button a few times since it just needs some coaxing now and then.  

Then I saw this amazing video and decided I might just keep going with this project after January 15th, but let some help in.  The blurry picture taken by Billy Idol made me feel better :)  But dagnabit, I need a heavy duty tripod.

Also, this video as inspired me to be insanely grateful for my life, my body and the people that love me.  Because I am.  I also love that one of his goals was to show he really lived, despite the mundane 9-5 that consumed most of his time.

I'm disappointed with myself this summer.  I was so gung ho - and started with a bang, producing a CD in less than 24 hours and throwing a mad awesome family reunion, but then I got pregnant and have been tired.  I feel terrible about how tired and useless I have been, because last spring I got all motivated and was doing great things.    Like laundry.  And now I'm moaning and trying not to move too much or the heartburn monster will get me.

It all comes in waves.  This sick wave, followed by the crazy post-partum wave, which is then followed by the just-trying-to-get-by wave, and then all of the sudden, in about 2 years, I'll look around and say "Hey!  I feel like ME today!"  And do something incredibly capable like take a road trip or clean my sink.

I have this picture on my phone to remind me that no matter what the tired or crazy does to me, this is real, this is eternal, and this is worth it:

What I guess I'm saying is, I need a tripod.  And I need to keep working to find ways to highlight how unmundane this mundane Midwest housewife life really is.  For me, and for these 2 (and a half) humans.

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Morgan -Ing said...

Congratulations on expecting #3! I think you put it just right, the "unmundane." It's hard, always, but it's good good work you're doing. :)
Important work.

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