Monday, September 10, 2012

365 days 237-241

Just a normal, hide-in-the-house sort of day.  Several people on my 365 forum thingy said this reminded them of Cousin It.
 Bump watch.
 I've had a gift card to Kohls for at least 3 years and could never find anything I wanted that was Gift Card Worthy.  It's been kind of nice, when I needed a break, to go there and look around for an hour or so.  And since I couldn't ever find anything, I'd get another excursion to look forward to!  But my torso is expanding and my closet is shrinking, so I had gave Kohls a shot.  The maternity section was (as usual) too expensive and everything was too short.  I'm not that tall, but they assume allll pregnant women are 5'5.  GRBLUPLENNNN.  The plus section had one top I liked though.  I never thought I'd like wearing such a tent-y top, but desperate times call for desperate wardrobe choices.

Sundays are hard.
Teeth cleaning.  I say I get bonus points for telling the hygienist about my 365 project and then snapping away while she was right there.  I'm really self conscious about self-portraiting, but today I took pictures while a stranger cleaned my teeth!  Breakthrough!

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