Wednesday, December 26, 2012

365 days 338-348

Third trimester belly.
The Dude was not in the mood to sit still.  I did not mind, since snuggling was involved.
Wacky Wednesday has reduced both my children giggle fits.
The cards they are a-comin'!
Just getting ready for the snowpocalypse.
24 straight hours of snow, with a blizzard in the middle.
The theme I was going for was End of the Road.  I was slightly disappointed the world didn't end as well as most of my fellow exhausted bloggers.  But at least the snow had stopped!  Ugh - 15 inches of it.
We were sitting in a nest he'd made out of a blanket.  Holy adorable, Batman!! (on a slightly related note, the Dude got some superhero underwears for Christmas and is currently wearing a pair with the Batman logo on them - or as he noted cheerfully, "A baby bird!"  I'm fine with that.)
Husband and I made our Christmas letters as a funny response to all the sappy ones that made us nauseous, or, as the Dude said after he tried to read on that was two pages and - single-spaced - "Humph!  Too many words!"  It was all in good fun, like when he said I'd spent all year as a Pinterest missionary - which was absolutely true.  He also noted my involvement in this 365 self-portrait project - "...that has produced literally thousands of photos of her appendages." Also true, but some days the last thing I want to do is get my mug in front of a camera. And there are some really cool appendage shots! Still, just to prove I wasn't all feet, I took one of my face. You're welcome.
Okay fine, another appendage shot.  But I was using my new Christmas present - a new lens with wicked low f-stop!  This is one of my favorites of the entire year I think - me, playing Santa.
Our only family shot of the day.  The shallow depth of field is a challenge with the new lens (and no zoom, eek!), but at least it works way awesome in low light.  Our Christmas was relaxing, happy and just right.  I'm glad we all like each other, because Daddy has the next week off work too!  Lots of Uno and Legos happening around here.


Jane said...

Legos!!! Never enough. My sister sent us fancy little Lego people this year. Gunslingers, minotaurs, aliens, bagpipers, genies in bottles.
One is never too old for Legos.

kimbo said...

i can't find your email address so you get this here! :) i was looking through capstone projects at wgu for The Man--he's working on his capstone and anyway, found one listed under Quinn Kuzmich. WHAT?! crazy small world. not related to The Man's work, but i clicked on it anyway and hey! he got a whole bunch of awards for his work on that project! i thought it was kinda cool. and wild. and also, how creepy am i? ha ha

Master P said...

What a teeny tiny world! And aren't we all creepy? Blogging is not for the normal among us :)

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