Tuesday, December 25, 2012

joy to the world. all the boys and girls.

WonderGirl wrote a letter to Santa the other day.  I've been meaning to take a picture of it, but I'll just paraphrase here:

Dear Santa,
We already have so many presents, so please save ours for next year.  Just fill our stockings. 
Thank you!

As I looked under the tree, I agreed with her.  Thanks to some very generous aunts, uncles and friends, our tree already looked bountiful.  Of course there were other toys hidden away that husband and I were bursting to share Christmas morning.  But we went to bed feeling far more blessed than we deserve.  Christmas morning was everything it should be, although it I could do it again I would probably monitor how much candy the Dude ate, seeing as we skipped breakfast and all he'd eaten all morning was M&Ms, fruit snacks and candy canes.  We went to a friend's house for lunch and he was berzerk.  Well, more than usual anyway,

Last Christmas was a tough one.  We'd just found out the husband's job was on the chopping block and we were struggling to keep a stiff upper lip for the kids.  We still had a wonderful day, but it also made me so much more thankful for the peace we got to enjoy this year.

Although the husband just asked me what we had planned for the next week, and I said nothing.  So there's a good chance we're going to hop in the car and drive 14 hours to Atlanta tomorrow.  Why not?

And now our Christmas, according to instagram:
Christmas Eve dinner with friends.  Biblical themed - not pictured, a goodly amount of goat cheese.
WG found this in our host's dress up collection. Greatest photo-op ever?
He was literally chugging M&Ms.
- and then racing madly along our walkway of bubble wrap.  Uncle Aaron and Aunt Katherine are geniuses.
Not to brag, but I did get this completely unsolicited accolade.

I hope you are feeling full of good stuff today.  Merry Christmas!
Oh, and you really shouldn't miss the husband's and my dueling Christmas letters.  I think he beat me out in the snark department, but I edged him out in the visual aesthetic category.  By actually having a visual aesthetic to begin with.


The Pagets in Florida said...

Thing 4 pounded his chocolates like an anteater in a field of Texas sized fire ant mounds. As soon as his little fingers could unwrap the candy, he was on it. Even his lips were blue after finally getting the wrapper off of the Blueberry candy cane.

As we looked under our the tree and realized that we have to bring all of it back home, I lamented not having a fake Christmas or at least taking pictures of all of the gifts and letting the kids have them at home after.

Jane said...

Quite possibly the cutest set of pictures ever. And I am so glad things are better for you this year.

EureFreundin said...

Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!!

You children are both absolutely adorable and your little girl's letter brought a smile to my face.

Hope that this new year turns out to be wonderful for you and your family :)

PS> in case you don't know who I am (b/c I quit blogging and then moved blogs yet again, this is Kris from tfrunner262 and then neonorangeds... if that helps lol)

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