Now accepting recommendations for books to distract me when the baby comes. I generally don't read a lot because it draws me In too much and I have a hard time focusing on both book-world and real life-world and my real life jobs need my full concentration. But this is a time I want to completely block out real life as real life will be... less than satisfactory. I figure this is as good a time as any to finally read the Hunger Games. This is what the books must be:

Guilty pleasures are admissible

My list of must-nots is slightly longer:

No crude language
No sexing
No vapid Mormon romances
No downers
Nothing I have already read before

Hrm. You know, I think I'm going to get a few Tom Holt books. Expecting Someone Taller was smart and hilarious and my brothers always spoke highly of Flying Dutch. But you, my dear friends, have really good taste so I'll bet you have some awesome ideas. Lay em on me.

PS My morning sickness with Forster was awful and that's when I read Twilight to distract me. It worked mostly, although Breaking Dawn made the morning sickness worse.


M said…
Read my book when it comes out! (Later this month . . . except I don't know when the hard copies will be available; the e-version releases first.)
Jane said…
I'm reading Susan Vreeland's three books right now. A peculiar style but interesting stuff.
I read a lot of James Patterson but I think he violates most of your must-not list (perhaps not the vapid Mormon part but all the rest)
I'm trying to remember if the Gone series by Michael Grant has anything you don't want...
You can try any of the 'classics' we all should have read but most of us haven't.
Cathie said…
I might advise against the Hunger Games, if you're avoiding downers. Kids dying plus hormones and whatnot. I've read it several times, but that didn't stop me from crying while reading it on the train. I mean, I cry at everything, but still. Be advised. And I find Divergent totally engrossing, but again, kids dying.
Master P said…
Ooo, that's good to know about the Hunger Games, thanks for the tip. So you are well read, what doesn't have children dying in it??
Cathie said…
Tina Fey, Bossypants. I literally cried laughing. They say the audio version is even better because she reads it herself. There are some swears, but it's totally worth your time.
Cathie said…
Oh, David Sedaris is also great. Again, occasional swearing but I think the yuks make up for it.
Anonymous said…
I made a similar request a few years ago. One recommendation was the Million Dollar Mystery series (5 books). It fit the bill for me, might for you.
I am going to go with the Encyclopedia Brown series and also the Wizard of Oz series. You might have read them all before, but the Encyclopedia Brown series are short stories that keep you paying attention to logic and details. The Wizard of Oz series are just good all around.
Master P said…
Read 'em both. Keep thinking! I need something new and surprising.
Tia Bearden said…
Well...are you on goodreads? I prefer YA books, as you know. My FAVORITES recently have been The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater & Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan.

I love The Hunger Games series and the Divergent series...

I also suggest watching Doctor Who if you don't already...because it's amazing and makes me happy.
Cathie said…
Do you has a Kindle? There's a pretty good selection of Georgette Heyer books for the Kindle, who is my number one go-to for some fluffy fun.

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