Thursday, February 7, 2013

silver linings

I forgot to mention one big-ish thing.   I got released from my calling at church last week (Young Women's president).  For a variety of reasons, one big one being my impending few months of post baby psychosis and the fact that my husband is still in the bishopric and I.need.a.break.  Yesterday was the first time I wasn't expected at a Wednesday night meeting (which always happens while the husband is having a bishopric meeting so I'm trying to corral angry teenage girls AND my angry children) and it was...  Heavenly.  The husband was late coming home for work so we saw him for 2 minutes, but it didn't matter because I had nowhere to go - both kids got leisurely, fabulous violin lessons and then we read and snuggled and holy snap it was like vacation.

Of course next I get to give birth and try and maintain an outward appearance of sanity while desperately trying to not act on any of the Very Bad Thoughts going through my my head for the next few months, but dagnabit yesterday felt goooooood.

Also, a shoutout to fabulous SIL Jane who has been acting as my substitute mom while my own mother romps around Asia.  Thanks for the talk yesterday - I am so grateful you picked up the phone and listened to my rambling.  Love you, sis!

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Jane said...

She really *is* romping around Asia isn't she...?
Well, so glad I could be of assistance to one such as you who handles so much.
AMEN to the nights with no meetings. No guilt, no stress, nothing to organize. Love it. And enjoy it. In our church, it's a rare thing.

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