Wednesday, February 6, 2013

tales from the couch

I'm due in 2 and a half weeks but I'm starting to worry I'll go sooner. The doc said my cervix is now thinned out to 50%, and the baby's head is so low I can hardly walk - so of course now I'm worrying I won't go soon enough and my legs are going to literally fall off.

I realized yesterday that the husband has never worked more than 5 minutes away from home, and now he is a good 50 mile drive away. I don't have any idea what to do if I start to go in the middle of the day - who will pick up WonderGirl from school, or watch the Dude. And if I do make plans, if I'll have the presence of mind to make any phone calls and be coherent.

Help. I'm trying to not overdo anything so I won't push my body into the labor zone, but the guilt of the messy house coupled with the kids who need a mobile parent is overwhelming. I really miss my mom.

Remind me again why I ever considered having children??


kimbo said...

Before I had my baby (but after I was due haha), the YW in my ward (well, just the laurels and their leaders because we have lots and lots of YW) came over and cleaned my house! And brought me bread! And danced and played with my kids! It was amazing. They also signed a nice note thanking me for being an example to them as a mother in Zion, etc. I was kind of embarrassed about them coming to clean and stuff because I should totally have been able to do everything. Except: physically impossible. That's where you are. You have some pretty tight connections to the YW in your area ;), so use 'em! Or get me the number to one of your leaders and I'll tell them to set it up. :D Seriously. Good for you, good for your kids, good for YOU, good for the YW, GOOD FOR YOU!! You need the good. :)

Jane said...

That's what visiting teachers are for!! Also, RS Presidents. Believe me, we live for these moments. All the meetings and paperwork and cat fights we have to endure are made worth it when someone calls for us to get their kids from school because they're in labor.

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