Friday, April 19, 2013

from the vault. and my iphone.

Backstory on the backstory:  Thing 3 insists on napping in my arms so I'm stuck in one place snuggling him, with my phone and my Tiny Post app to keep me company.  I found these pictures on FB that tell an amusing story so I'm telling it.  Weee.

Backstory: The husband and I had been dating for a few weeks when his sister came to town for her wedding reception.  I did NOT want to go - a wedding reception is an awkward place for an unmarried gal, especially if it means going and meeting the whole family of a guy she has only been dating for a few weeks.  But the husband has this magical power to talk me into just about anything so away I went.

Things were uncomfortable but moving along - when the dreaded bouquet toss happened.  I considered making a run for it, but the husband and his best friend pushed me - literally pushed me - out onto the gym floor and told me they'd give me a dollar to catch it.  Okay, my dignity costs way more than a dollar, and there is no more embarrassing experience then looking like some desperate spinster, especially in front my just-barely-boyfriend's family.  Blagh.

You can see the horror in my face.

I'm guessing everyone else was forced out there too, because the bouquet was tossed, and landed with a thud on the ground.  It was highLARIOUS.  And it's even more highlarious now that I've found pictorial proof - because standing right next to me in the red shirt was a girl I didn't know yet.  The bride ended up being my sister-in-law a few months later (that's to that trait the husband has at talking me into anything) - and that red-shirt girl ended up my sister-in-law too, marrying my little brother 6 years later.

Ha!  Whoda think, huh??


The Pagets in Florida said...

I don't think that I was there for that one, but I could totally see that happening with the bouquet. BTW, your tiny app posting prowess is great. Oh, when we were tossing the garter at my wedding, someone (you are married to) ran away from the garter.

Jane said...

Such a small world down there in the South.

Anonymous said... reception, you say. Single gals attend such things in JEANS in them thar parts 'o th'country??
Thank goodness you & your future sis-in-law had the good sense to dress appropriate for a WEDDING reception. Reflects well on you both.
BTW the bride is radiant...and...has a great sense of humor.

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