Friday, July 5, 2013

i am not angry

Goodness, I am LOVING this summer.  Sure, I get puked on regularly and tantrums abound, but the sun, the open mornings, the SUN.  Awesomesauce.

I'm just twitterpated with these humans.  If I was going to have to try this parenting thing, I'm SO glad the Big Guy Upstairs ordered me up the coolest kids ever.

And dude, I went and did something interesting!  One of my favorite bands is the Polyphonic Spree and it just so happens that I have TWO college buddies playing in it right now.  So when they did a show 3 hours away, I HAD to go.

It was AMAZING.  Seriously, such an incredible show.  And it was even cooler being 10 feet from one of my best friends playing his brains out on the fiddle.  I was very tempted to shove him off the stage and take his place, but I resisted.  Go me!

Of course, since it was in Chicago and the USA has no mandated paternity leave, the husband's vacation days are very slim, so we drove home after the show and since his job is on the way and a whole hour still from home, he just slept the last few hours in his car at work.  We have BARELY recovered.  We are just too old for this stuff.  TOTALLY WORTH IT.  Ugh, such a fantastic show!!!  My soul seriously was nourished.  The arrangements - the musicality - the love!  So fabulous!

I kind of want to go all Dead Head and follow them all over this tour.  

And then yesterday was the 4th of July so I did up WonderGirl's nails all patriotic and then went ahead on mine.  

I read some tutorials on getting good fireworks shots and had a fun time trying them out.  the best advice I got was to have the camera on a super long exposure and in between every burst,  hold a black piece of paper over the lens so the sky stays dark and you have a whole bunch of explosions in one take even though they happened over a 30 second period.

Seriously, if I could live in summer forever with these kids just as they are, I would be a happy camper.

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Jane said...

Seriously cool trick with the fireworks! Color me impressed.

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