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How did we ever live without All The Informations All The Times?  And heck, how do we live with All The Informations All The Times?  I lovelovelove things like Pinterest where I can come with a question about something and come away with the coolest solution and visuals.  My FHE prep is like 5 minutes, thanks to that and my handy dandy color printer.  But then there's the dark side.... the self-important Facebook links to top ten lists of what you are doing wrong or should be doing differently or why-the-heck-aren't-you-doing-this things.
It's a lovely double-edged sword.  The latest thing that got under my skin about 3 minutes ago (hence this quickly worded post) was the one about how we are an overprotective society and ruining our children.  Lovely memes about how "we survived childhood back in the day, what's wrong with your kid??" - and how living in our culture of technology is dooming their brains and it's all our fault.

All I have to say is...

Good for you.  You are alive and a functioning member of society.  I'm very happy for you.  

I don't have much more than that.  Wait... except for this...

Parenting is HARD.  Most parents have no training whatsoever for this.  It gets harder and harder.  I refuse to feel guilty because I protect my children.  I refuse to feel guilty for allowing them to be tech savvy.  I'm not even going to hedge that with how I only let them use computers and handheld devices for short periods only on even numbered days that land on a Wednesday - because you know what, I don't have to defend myself.  I refuse to demonize other parents for their choices.  Parenting is hard enough.  I refuse to make it harder for anyone else.

We are all in this together.  I support you and will keep my parenting tips to myself, unless it's a girl's night out and we are begging each other for parenting advice, since that's basically the topic of every GNO - that, and birth stories.  We do love to talk about childbirth in public over dinner, am I right?

So dear human, this is for you:


M said…
The problem with All The Informations is that it comes with All The Opinions and All The Idiots as well. It's good that we have access, and that everyone has a fair say, but . . . It means we all also have to filter for ourselves and decide what's worth reading/listening to and what's not.
Pisceanchick said…
Yay! So true. High fivr!
Jane said…
This is why I never read the comments, reviews or other people's opinion of anything (except family and exTREMEly close friends and even then it once devolved into a tangential fight) and my default is to feel morally superior to them ALL. Mwahahahaha!
Anonymous said…
Well said!!!
Raising children is hard enough. Having the wisdom to interact well with adult children is another challenge…along with living a life worthy of emulation.

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