Tuesday, March 18, 2014

hey there mom

How do you de-stress?  The normal mom probably wants some pampering, some peace and quiet, but me?  I just had the best weekend off ever - back to back gigs with my 2 Celtic bands down in ATL.  All that  traveling, time with my fiddle and my favorite musicians on earth was just what I needed.  The husband kept watch over the 3 mini humans and cleaned the kitchen.  He is so flippin' hot.

I woke up yesterday to 3 very happy kids and felt so incredibly blessed and at peace.  I called my mom to get filled in on her latest news, since I'd called her up during the weekend glowing about my own time.  And you know what I found out?

She broke her leg.  Last Thursday.  Skiing.  She didn't want to distract me from my weekend away so she didn't tell me.  How thoughtful and insane is that woman???  She swears all is fine but being a mazillion miles away and having kiddos in school, I'm feeling pretty useless out here.  So I'm going to do my darndest to blog more regularly to distract her.  She likes my blogging and I like that she likes my blogging,  So mom, here's the weekend through camera phone pictures!

My first flight was awesome - window seat with an empty seat next to me and a handful of magazines.  Good omen for the weekend ahead!

Michael always gets me the most awesome gifts - and this was no exception.  How perfect is this shirt??  I wore it for both gigs.  We don't have any Irish heritage, right Mom?  I'd hate to think my t-shirt was a liar.

The first gig was a heavenly 3 hour set with the Blarney Girls.  How weird to see your face all big up in a window like that?  Especially because the pic Michael used was from a selfie we took back in October.  We tried to take a selfie of us in front of the giant selfie of us, but my arm just wasn't long enough.  I'll bet you and your monkey arms could have totally managed it, Mom :)

You wear steel toed Docs, you just get the urge to kick things.

I took this selfie during the Collies gig.  Playing with them is like buttah.  Do you realize this fall will be my 10th anniversary of joining the group??

Homebound.  I had to wear these shoes all Sunday because there was no room in my luggage.  At least they're fun to look at.  Mom actually has a pair of red Docs that are like these but a little taller.  I'd steal them, but my mom in her 60s can still pull off an outfit with those boots better than I can.  Aside from the broken leg, that woman is perfection.

Another bit of good luck - on the way home I got a window seat with an empty seat next to me.  What did I do to deserve such awesome legroom??

And then, back home to my favorite mini humans.  While I was gone, the husband made the long overdue switch to a normal carseat for Thing 3.  He thinks it's the coolest thing ever and I am wondering how he got so ginormous??

Also, I texted this to mom because it made me literally laugh  vocally (JUST SAY NO TO LAUGHING ACRONYMS) but I think it was too small for her to really appreciate it, so here's another shot at it.  I love you, Mom!!!!!!!!


Jane said...

If it makes you feel any better, she didn't tell anyone about the leg. We only found out when she accidentally texted her son instead of her sister.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS Blarney Girls!!!! That Olympic smile flashes brighter than ever.
You got fantabulous German-Danish-Slovak-Polish genes.

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