Wednesday, October 29, 2014

few of my favorite things - techy parent edition.

A few things that I think are parent-y awesome lately and have to share.  Because I'm good like that.

The Kid Q app is a free trivia app that has become a dinner time favorite.  We talk about our days, then the kids beg for a question and we discuss everything from mammals to gravity to everything in between.  Seriously, it is a great alternative to arguing about whatever weird thing they are in the mood to argue about during dinner.

Next - you need to get a minivan.  I thought they were lame until I got to experience that automatic door goodness that you really appreciate when you have arms full of toddler.  They are like magical, moving living rooms.  And even better, one with a built-in DVD player.  HOW.  DID.  OUR.  PARENTS.  SURVIVE???  Okay, I'm sure it's possible to survive without one, but let me explain why I love ours so much - we have this perma-checked out from the library:

All the songs are around 3 minutes, and it takes about one or two to get anywhere we need to go into town.  WonderGirl mans the remote and they pick which songs to listen to next.  Byt just having this playing around in the car, WG memorized the preamble to the Constitution this summer, and the Dude randomly started counting by 3s and is obsessed with pronouns.  It's a great little distraction for zipping around town and they absorb so much it's insane.  It's PERFECT, bite size viewing for the car.  Just FYI

And these music videos are a favorite around our place - catchy, educational and satisfy our geography-crazed kids.  

Tour the States goes through the US states and capitols, and Tour the World names all the countries of the world.  Thing 3 loves to dance to them and I secretly adore them.  I totally pretend like it's the kid's thing, but I listen to them when they aren't around.  sssssshhhhhhhhhhh.

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Jane said...

Don't ssssshhh it! I love knowing the capitols of places.
Be proud.

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