Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaBloPoMo - aka November for slackers


Yes, the month you've all been waiting for!!  The month where I (and a lotta other bloggers) post every day for a month because we're too lazy to write a novel (mad props to you guys!)!!  The thrills, the chills, the scattered "I'm so busy you guys, more tomorrow" posts in all their glory!

Drink it in, friends.

I'm currently typing furiously so that I can go get the baby out of the crib, tidy up, write notes for the babysitter, try to look like an adult and then jet down to the big city for stake conference (churchy stuff).  The husband is already down there and I like to join him after his meetings, grab dinner and then head to the night session.  It's a semi-annual date, because that's how exciting things get around here.

So, to herald in this mighty month, here is something so rarely seen, that it is believed to be merely a myth.  But no!  It exists!  BEHOLD - THE FAMILY PHOTO WITH EVERYONE LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!!!!

I can't get over this.  I'm in shock.  IT.  HAPPENED.  Of course the ONLY family photo we've ever had where you get all participant's eyes on the camera, 2 of those people have fake blood dripping down their chins.  Of course.

Now, onto my wild Saturday night.  Yay, November!!!!

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Jane said...

Woot for November!
I love the barefoot vampire. And also the only bishop in the world I have ever met who dresses up. Good job man.

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