Friday, January 2, 2015


Happy IWILLDECLUTTER 2015!  I've been productive today.  I really, really want to get my life semi organized, and the first thing I'm doing is attacking the flotsam, aka my catch-all drawers.  Seriousy, from just the 3 tiny hidden drawers in my dressers, I unloaded all this stuff:

And most of that is either put where it should have gone in the first place, or tossed out. It feels GOOOD!!!  Except the trash dude isn't coming for another week and our bin is overflowing and there are apparently no local dumps that take random drop-offs.  GRRR.

Anywho, I narrowed down what was left into 8 small sections that I just don't have places for yet.  Or any idea of what should be done with them if they need something done with them.  So I'm coming to you to help me organize the left-overs of my purge, the things I don't feel like I should part with but don't really know what I should do with them.  Can you help me, my bloggity friends???

1. Cards/letters from the hubs.
2. My wedding invitations.  (No joke, 10 years later and I find random ones everywhere)
3. Cards from former students.
4. Paraphernalia/mementos from my various bands.
5. Random photos I will probably never put into albums.
6. Drawings/letters/cards to me from WonderGirl's ICANWRITEWORDS!! phase, about age 5.  SO FREAKING CUTE, though prolific.  I tossed the random ones, but these were the sweetest ones.
7. Sentimental artifacts (shown: a boomerang from my trip Down Under and my old iconic red glasses).
8. Cards and letters from friends.

I'll totally repay you with interesting posts.  That's another resolution of mine.  I take requests, too.  I'll need help with that as well :)


Jane said...

1. Get/make a sizeable cute box. Save in that.
2. Toss them. You have others.
3. See #1
4. Make a collage to hang or see #1
5. Put them in albums or frame them. Do it now before there are boxes of them.
6. Date them, laminate them and make a book you can add to with the boys.
7. See #1
8. Toss them unless you can name the vital statistics of said friends without looking.

Cathie said...

Take pictures, then pitch them.

The Atomic Mom said...

1. I have a box of cards from my husband and kids. Eventually, I am going to put them into page protectors in a 3 ring binder. Have not found a cute enough binder for such ... so in the box they stay.

2. I have kept one for each kid. One for us and 2 as a spare and tossed the rest.

3. Did you like the students? If not, toss. If so, I always stuffed them into my yearbooks.

4. Make a scrapbook or toss them.

5. Do you like these people? If not, toss. If so, send them the pix back...surprise! If they are of you, scan them or toss, otherwise, set aside a day to either scrap book them, or put them in a photo book. I suggest titling that book, 'Deadletter Office'.

6. Save that for her. Do you have some sort of filing system for each kid? Right now I am saving things in page protectors and 3 ring binders (which I did not realize till I wrote this comment was a thing for me, curious)

7. Find a way to display, or store. If not, toss.

8. Do you like these friends? See also #1. The 3 ring binder!

Anonymous said...

Once knew a teacher who, when she retired, only took the letters and notes students had written to her. My mom would say to us, "I only want letters/cards for gifts."
Find a way to save those. You'll thank me in 40 years.

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