Thursday, November 19, 2015

I didn't post yesterday. It wasn't that I forgot - it was just that I.. well, I'm a little weirded out. Yesterday I did something completely out of character.

I was awaken (awoke? awoken?) rudely at 4 am with the information that the Dude had thrown up several times during the night, in various locations of his room and the hallway.

Isn't that the perfect start to a day with the perfect excuse to be a total grump?

But after I cleaned things up and went to go back to bed, something really strange happened. I kept going. I didn't want to get back in bed, so I got in the floor and yoga'd. At that unholy hour.

Then I went back to survey the damage upstairs, and ended up vacuuming his room, then the hallway. Then WonderGirl's room. And then I even tackled and tamed the playroom down the hall. I cleaned the bathrooms. I cleaned the kitchen.

That is NOT normal.

Today, I washed all the tile floors and vacuumed the test of the main floor, and cleaned my room. I washed my sheets. I washed the bathmats. I don't even remember what else, I'm tired now, but I haven't been. Whenever I've felt tired, I've day back down in my yoga mat, stretched, breathed, twisted, and then gotten back up and kept going.

Doesn't that sound like normal stuff? But it isn't for me. I'm always exhausted. I usually commit to one thing and then that's it for a while. I can't explain it, living with the physical issues from depression, but that's what it is.

And suddenly this week, with this yoga thing - every time I do one thing, my body goes almost automatically to the next thing. I keep doing things. My body keeps going. That's not normal.

Although right now, I'm finally exhausted. That's normal. So I'm going to bed.


heidi said...

Physical fitness is one of the best gifts I've given to myself. It's my antidepressant. I'm so glad yo hear your body knows how to heal itself through yoga.

Jane said...

Do you think yoga will fix my not wanting to clean the bathroom because it's icky and I don't like cleaning the bathroom? Because I would like to find something that will get me to clean the bathroom...

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