Thursday, December 22, 2011

she has my nose, though

So you know how I'm always blown away by WonderGirl's brains? And how sometimes I'm all "Yeah, I'm so smart and now my kids are smart and I'm just awesome, yum diddley dum dum?"

Yes, I'm aware it's totally annoying. I heartily appreciate you coming back here, anyway.

Anywho, the other day her teacher called in a reading specialist to find out where her comprehension level was so she could give her the right materials to work on. And it turns out she's a level J, which didn't mean much until I googled it and found it meant she was at a 2nd grade reading level. Which wasn't actually a surprise since the book I used to teach her how to read said that at the end they'd likely be at a 2nd grade reading level. So well done, fancy book.

But the amusing thing was that when the teacher requested the right materials from the Kindergarten Center (it's a school of only kindergarteners - she's possibly going there next year) - she was told none of the kids there are near a level J and she's going to need to request them from an elementary school somewhere else in the district.  Her teacher got a kick out of that, as did I.

I came home doing my "woohoooo, check out who made a smarty-pants kid, MEEEE that's whooo" dance that I do far too often, and decided to celebrate by cleaning up.  Yay.  And in the process of cleaning, I found a packet of every single report card I ever got.  My mom saved them all and gave them to me at Thanksgiving.  I checked in there and found my report card from  when I was the exact same age as WG -our birthdays are 5 days apart.

I looked in to find the glowing reports of how brilliant I was...and found this:

Reva's work on the letter sounds has been somewhat inconsistent.  She has a basic understanding of beginning sounds but recently has been making errors on her independent work.

In math Reva is able to recognize numerals to 10 except for 6 and 9.  By the end of the year I was  working on counting to 20.  Seriously.

and my favorite, from the gym teacher: Reva is a very talented student.  At times Reva is too sensitive and it affects her ability to perform in class.

So......  it's official.  She got her brains from daddy.  At least I'm still pretty sure she got her looks from me!


Jane said...

It's true, she is ALL you in the looks and personality department! Social skillz score!

Anonymous said...

All that shows is that yo mama didn't have that fancy-dandy book you used to teach S. how to read, that's all. But once you learned, legend has it that you began reading like a voracious speed demon. You turned out to be one awesome writer.
You done just fine, sweetie.

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