Monday, September 29, 2008

here, there and everywhere.

I’m in Austin, Texas.  Why?  I’m not telling.  Yeah, you wanna know, heck, I wanna know, but I’m keeping my yapper shut.  To keep my overactive yapper occupied, I’m doing a meme from Jane.  You lucky kids, you.  Here’s a list of some 8 things- definately NOT in order of importance…

8 Things I’m Passionate About

  1. My family

  2. My faith

  3. Music

  4. Shopping

  5. Friendships 

  6. WT taking her nap

  7. My marriage 

  8. Blogging

8 Words Or Phrases I Say Often

  1. Dude

  2. Holy Crap (WT has started picking this up… whoops) 

  3. You are INSANE (to SexyHusband) 

  4. I need attention (to SexyHusband)

  5. Sunshine!

  6. NO!!!!!!!!  

  7. Can you watch my kid?

  8. I. Am. So. AWESOME.

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

  1. Travel to Asia 

  2. Learn to keep my mouth shut when I don’t necessarily have anything to say

  3. Have lots and lots of money so SH and I can spent all day together helping people

  4. Play a stadium

  5. Have a few more kids - all of whom are happy, confident and loving 

  6. Spend a few weeks in some tropical paradise

  7. Go to General Conference in SLC

  8. Decorate a home I live in to look like an adult lives there, not some girl who went to college and didn’t learn anything but to put up posters and hang Christmas lights from everything. 

8 Things I Pray For

  1. My Sunshine

  2. My brother and my nephew 

  3. Nie and family

  4. SexyHusband 

  5. To be able to find a way to help people 

  6. A decent night’s sleep 

  7. For my parents to stumble on a huge pile of money and to be able to retire and visit me… permanently 

  8. Mothers

8 Things I Have Learned

  1. How to carry a full cafeteria tray with one hand 

  2. Friends who knew me pre-marriage/motherhood are more precious than chocolate

  3. To ask questions when I feel like I’m talking too much about myself 

  4. ALWAYS double check in the mirror when leaving the bathroom 

  5. I am worth being loved 

  6. It is not important that my family know and understand me, it is important that I love them no matter what 

  7. I can’t sing anything by myself, I can’t paint, I can’t dance terribly well, I can’t even play violin as well as I’d like, but I should never stop trying 

  8. I can face anything as long as I have had a shower

Monday, September 22, 2008

You know your husband is awesome when he....

Starts a facebook group for fans of you.  Woo.hoo.

(seriously, he did!!  I had to join so I could post on the wall that I had nothing to do with it:)

If I hadn’t mentioned it, I am in complete love with my insane WonderToddler. Mostly because she is exactly like me, and I also think I am super awesome.

Just got back from Memphis - where yes, I did text my last entry in but it acted all skeewumpas and deleted the 2nd half.  Ah, well.

Now back to the big heavy stuff.  My head feels like it is in a vice because of this nasty sinus infection that hit just as we left for the gig, and even thoughI was so lightheaded there I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand for both sets, something about the endorphins that come from playing with a group I love so much made me super human for a few hours.  And DANG we played good.

And then there’s this weight I feel on my whole body, where when I think of it - actually have trouble moving or even lifting my arms.  There’s a hard decision to make, and I go between being strong, and being sick with worry that I’ll make the wrong one.

Yup, my life is never dull.  Why can’t I just pick and choose the drama?!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I’m on my way to Memphis with the band. We’re having a ball - I already hit the mandolin player in the face! I’m computerless s

I’m on my way to Memphis in the car with the band. We’re having a ball - I already hit the mandolin player in the face! I’m computer

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My life on the verge of being completely flipped upside down.  NO, I am not knocked up. More details as I figure this all out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

not. cool.

In my last post, I bemoaned the issue of me not thinking the fashions from Clueless are that far off from today, and then I was mocked by my hubby.  I really, REALLY don’t see the problem here… I try, but it still looks FINE to me! (found here).  I’m scared.

There’s all those women stuck in the 80’s and they never get out of it… I’m so afraid I’ll get stuck in the 90’s and not know it, or even realize it!  I’m OLD!! 

One the plus side, it’s nly a matter of time until one of you tosses me to those What Not To Wear guys.  That would be cool… humiliating, but cool.

Monday, September 15, 2008

AM I a dinosaur?  I caught a few minutes of Clueless -a guilty pleasure movie of mine, and I couldn’t help but think  -“I know this was 10 years ago, but this doesn’t look ridiculously out of style to me”… SexyHusband says I’m wrong.  Crap.

not to brag, but...

my kid has now urinated in the proper recepticle (kiddee potty) TWICE now.  Hard to imagine, but there was a time in my life that I would have been as bored by this news as you are.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anyone want to hear some cool tunes?  Michael loaded some of our new tracks on our myspace page!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Holy crap, anyone have $149.99??  Polariod has a hand held photo printer now that connects to your phone, camera, anything.  COOL.

Of course this is because this is the last year they will be selling their instant film … which royally stinks.  But still, COOL!

(via garfieldminusgarfield)

How appropriate!  I’m off to play at a Scottish festival this weekend.  I haven’t blogged all weekend, including about the best visit with Dallin and Elizabeth, because I’m a horrible, lazy person.  Elizabeth did though, so you can go see some pictures of the shenanigans.

September is here and all the gigs and work ahead make me want to curl up and hunker down under the waves crashing.  I’m such a wimp, but it’s something I do.  Two thoughts here -

Why on EARTH does WonderToddler run away from me  in public?  Like today at the pool- running away from me constantly, when all the other kids were content to play in one place.  She kept getting out of the pool, tried to jump in the deep end and smashed her face on the concrete a few times.  It wasn’t until she got covered in some ants and nasty bites that she stayed with me and listened.  The other kids didn’t do that… are they better kids than my kid, or are their parents just better parents than I am?  I must’ve looked like a horrific mom, shrieking and yelling like that.

When she went down for a nap a few minutes ago, I held on a little longer before putting her in bed and hugged her close, apologizing for not being the best of mommies today and snapping every time I had to chase her down.  She squeezed my neck tight and said “I love you Mommy.”

I may be a crummy mom, but at least she makes me want to try harder.

Also, now and then my mind pops up a memory of one of my old boyfriends and a previous life.  I am contantly amazed at how doggone lucky I got.  SexyHusband keeps me laughing, keeps surprising me and keeps finding new ways to make me fall in love with him.  I’m so glad I married the strangest man alive.  It’s so blasted hott.

HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...