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Joke of the Day

John Hiatt : Have a Little Faith In Me* We interrupt my usual freaking and complaining to gloat. Toot my horn. For I was a Good Mom today. I know, WonderToddler herself was a little weirded out by it too. There was the park, the healthy lunch (carrots were actually consumed!! I KNOW!!) a nap, then the pool since she was boiling, followed by dinner (no carrots, but there were some for lunch so I wasn’t going to push the envelope), playing and reading books (educational ones!!), Girls Night (Elmo video and popcorn), bath, snuggles and songs and snoozin’. I even managed to teach a few violin lessons in there. Like 4. I was a Good Mom. There’s just something so awesome about like 2 year-old kisses, 2 year-old hugs (like the one she gave me right out of the bath beFORE I’d dried her off), and 2 year-old declarations of love and thanks - oodles and oodles of “You’re my beeest friend, Mommy!” I think I’m contractually required to have a good day like this every now and then to keep me trying at this. So the song is a little reminder to me today that I’m meant to do this. You’re meant to do what you do. We are in this together, and we’re allowed to have good days in the middle of the crazy. We’re GOOD. * Thanks Pascal for the KILLER music collection.


motherhood ruins your life... in the nicest way possible.


Dear ATL,

the opposite of love

duh, 2 year-old style


I Am Doing Something Cool Right Now

I want a PARADE. or at least some cake.

i play BIG in middle schools