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I'm not very smart.

Yes, I'm a leming.


why I'm sleepy and annoyed today


Stop it, people!

Hope It’s Not Something Kinky Backstory: I sent my dear, sweet Mumsi the link to and ever since she has been signing her emails “LOL Mom”. I wasn’t quite sure she understood what it meant, so I asked her… I got the LOL from that website about Moms’ emails - some of the Moms used it to sign off - it means Lots of Love of course, what else COULD it mean?? - hope it’s not something kinky as I don’t do kinky - have been racking my brain to think of something off-color that it could mean and just can’t come up with anything!! If LOL is off limits for signing off, I might adopt your xxoo - it’s a nice one - love is nice too but gets boring to just put “love” all the time - variety is good, right? So, bye for now … xxoo Mom

post trip doldrums