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Is it safe to heat up babies in a microwave?

the process

Can’t Breathe Aire : Me Yesterday I put the music on my ‘puter on shuffle to distract me from the 2 screaming children and this popped up - a track I wrote and performed on the Tres de Solei CD last year. I can’t explain the emotion that hit as I got peed on for the third time that day and then I hear me… the me that is on hiatus indefinately. I won’t try. I’ll just call it surreal for now.

alas and alak...

Convince them of the reality of spiritual things. First teach them that “the spirit and the body are the soul of man” (D&C 88:15). Man is a dual being, a spirit within a mortal body. It is difficult to teach about the intangible, spiritual part. But there are ways to do it. For example, your students know about computers. A personal computer made of metal, plastic, glass, and a dozen other materials will hold an astonishing amount of information. All of the standard works can be stored there, and in addition, sets of encyclopedias, dictionaries, books on a whole library of subjects, even illustrations and mathematical formulas. With the press of a few keys, one can select any part of what is stored and see it instantly on a screen. One may, by pressing a few more keys, rearrange, add to, or subtract from what is stored in the computer. Press another key or two and you can print a copy of whatever you desire, even in full color. You then can hold in your hand tangible, absolute proof of what is inside there and how it is arranged. If, however, you should take the computer completely apart, you could not find one word of it, not one illustration, not one tangible evidence that there are volumes, verses, poems, and illustrations inside the computer. You could dissolve the computer with acids or burn it and you would not find one tangible word of evidence. You could no more find words in the ashes of a computer than you can find the spirit in the ashes of a cremated human body. No one doubts that this great base of information is actually stored in the computer. It should not be too difficult to teach each youngster that there is within the human body a spirit. Notwithstanding that it is invisible and intangible, it is the very essence of reality. You can, in context of the gospel plan, explain what that spirit is. Let me say that again. You can, in context of the gospel plan, explain what that spirit is, where it came from, and what the destiny of each of us is. Teach them to know that each is “the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in [them]” (1 Corinthians 3:16).

Frou Frou : Let Go I feel another contraction coming along. I was woken up by them this morning at 5am, although they went away around 6:30. I’m thinking maybe I’ll go into labor today… or soon. What an odd, ODD out of body experience… to think that tonight I could have a son. Very out of body, for a girl who never planned on any of this. You’d think I’d have some kind of control over this - my life, choosing motherhood and all that… but no, ever since I walked through the door of that party in July 2004 and walked right into SexyHusband for the first time, I’ve felt like I have been free-falling. Falling in love with him and taking the first step with him was also taking the last one… there really wasn’t any choice in the matter. I was going to fall in love with this boy, we were going to marry, have houses and kids, fights and laughter, and rocking chairs. Just like I have no choice but to give birth to this little baby at some point. I wonder if you’d explained all this to me that night 5 years ago if I would have walked into that party. There’s no way I would have really understood… and there was always something I felt missing that I don’t feel missing anymore. Nothing ever filled that void, until I was loved unconditionally by my husband and little girl. It’s a trade off I suppose - to feel complete, I have to live my life this way. I’m not complaining - just feeling… detatched from the situation at the moment. Looking at my body from the outside, trying to listen to its clues and know what I’m supposed to do now, when I’m supposed to call the hospital and when I’m supposed to breathe. And while I’m out there, looking at who I used to know and who I’m becoming… Last time I was in labor, I realized getting through contractions was remarkably like walking onto a stage to perform a solo recital. Every fiber of my being would scream “NO!! Don’t do this, it’s hard, it’s terrifying!!!” but I knew I had to, so I’d breathe, force my mind to leave my body and allow it to walk out there and do what I’d trained it to do and watch from somewhere else. I couldn’t control the situation because if I did, I’d think too much and I’d shake and it would be a disaster. So I trusted my body and left. Looking back, had I known that walking into that party would mean meeting my future husband, children, and at least 5 moves in less than 5 years (one international) - I would have to do the same thing I’m doing today. Just trust that my body can handle it and my mind will only gum up the works. All I can do is let go.



Children crave routine as much as they create chaos. It is their job to be a burden, and ours to shoulder it. We owe them this: a warm bed to nestle into every night, milk in the kitchen for breakfast. Eyes even when they don’t think we’re watching. The quiet, simple peace of always knowing they are loved.

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