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THE musak

Radio Host Delilah Pulls Kids from Crosspoint Academy, Claiming School Teaches Veiled Mormonism

It’s not denial. I’m just very selective about the reality I accept.

soul mix

I love women, but I feel like you can’t trust some of them. Some of them are liars, you know? Like I was in the park and I met this girl, she was cute and she had a dog. And I went up to her, we started talking. She told me her dog’s name. Then Í said, “Does he bite?”. She said “No.” And I said, “Oh yeah? Then how does he eat? … Liar.

AT&T may have to limit iPhone users

This is the front yard, the back yard is even higher. You can tell how we feel about this. Husband is stuck in New Jersey, trying to get back to Madison but he’s already had a cancellation today just trying to get to Detroit. Although I’d rather he not come in for a few days than try driving home in this &^$% and get in an accident. Still mad at the snow. What else do I blame? But on the positive, one of Husband’s coworkers kindly plowed our driveway this morning so we could get out if there’s an emergency. Lovely people here. Too bad this place is evil and cursed. DEMON SNOW!!!!!!!

fluffy evil&^$#%^&&^*

i've picked my friends well.

it snowed.

Funny Moments with President Monson (via SethAdamSmith,rjwalker) I’ve adored President Monson since I was a little girl. A spiritual giant that always had something to say to the little ones. Excuse the cheesy piano music and enjoy :)