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think on this.: How Vacations Affect Your Happiness - Well Blog -

Hem : Half Acre From the piano to the mando, the celeste, heck, even the clarinet, this song makes me happy and inspired to be a musician.

I wanted to make a get-better-soon vid for my friend, but the fact that I live in a non-stop crazy house muddled things. Also, this contains undeniable proof that I gave birth to myself.

my continuing adventures of being on the defensive

Gotta take this to banquet hall. Sorry, that last post stuck the literal version of the tune in my head and all I can remember is that line, over and over and overrr. At least every time I think it, I start giggling.


Alternate Ending Montage : Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack (just a pretty instrumental I dug) We celebrated Valentine’s Day in our small, married way. Husband packed us all up and took me to the mall in Madison so I could wander H&M by myself for a few minutes. HEAVENLY. Also, so we could stop by Target and an Asian market to stock up on yummy snacks. Then, a sitter so we could get a nice dinner and grocery shop without begging WonderGirl to stay in the cart the entire time. Husband found a RockBand for Wii for super cheap, so as usual, my gift to him was letting him buy something totally pointless. If that isn’t super romantic, I don’t know what is. We don’t go all crazy over the top, but Husband always makes Valentine’s Day special. I feel bad for the it’s-a-corporate-invention-we-should-love-each-other-everyday-not-when-they-tell-us-to folks who won’t celebrate it. February sucks. It’s cold, and exhausting and miserable, and I love that corporate America threw a day in this crummy month where we get to put some red on, kiss our sweethearts and gorge on some chocolate. It makes the weeks less bleak. Of course we should love our sweet ones all the time, but what’s wrong with celebrating a little with them in the greyest month of the year? Heck, some years all we’ve done was have a quiet night in after the kid was asleep, but it was still a special date. Silly curmudgeons. Oh, and I looked SO FLIPPIN’ HOTT today at church. A day of red? Made for me.

Not as funny as the last one, but I’m working on it. I’ll get on Tosh.0 yet. I’m not sure why quick capture messed up the audio sync, but whatever. It’s like hearing voices from the future…

So that video I made for you, bemoaning the state that is currently holding me captive? I was not aware my YouTube account was linked to my FB account and after posting it for you (loving bloggerist that I am), I went to be and then woke up to a bazillion comments on my FB wall… whooops. I may have offended one or 2 even MORE Wisconsonites. Good golly. But, the response was pretty cool. It made my day actually, which was handy since I made it about having a crappy day. Over 200 views, not bad for this wee mom. What do y’all think, maybe this could be my new career move? I could be a minor cewebrity, posting vids on YouTube until I make an episode of Tosh.0? Could be cool? Maybe. I was perusing my wee YouTube account to see if anyone had been watching my other videos made for my family and friends, and found that the video here taken 2ish years ago of WonderGirl (then WonderBaby) laughing her face off has OVER FOUR THOUSAND VIEWS. Holy crap, that’s… cool? I don’t have any ratings or comments on it since I got spammed a few years ago and had all those people threatening to kill me and my family (looong story if you don’t remember) and I had to turn them off. Too bad too, I wonder why people watch it? Although, along with some answers I’d also get messages that say “U R DUM N SO IS UR BABBY.” Heh. Anywho, maybe I should consider this new career path. Any suggestions on what other topics I can turn into a musical rant?

Having a bad day, and knowing that writing out some of my frustrations would just tick me off even more, I have taken to music to share my angst. If that isn’t enough to make you want to watch my 5 minute improvised diatribe, I put my cute baby in it. That’s enough at least for my mom to get through the entire thing before calling me to tell me to sit up straight. Which yes, you’re right mom. This totally counts for my GPOYW too. Wouldn’t want to subject you to too much of my angry mug today.

PPD and the girls