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NUTBOD (Houseboats of Kashmir Mix) - Benjamin Britten I know I have that high-and-mighty musician thing going, so I’m little torn about the fact that my all-time favorite album of EVER is Baz Luhrmann’s 1998 Something For Everybody. Yeah, Baz the film director, and his album of songs and remixes from him films to that date (no Moulin Rouge or Australia yet). Is that weird? Because seriously, it has EVERYTHING. A sitar, Doris Day, La Boheme, techno, swing, Gustav Holst. DUDE. This song is from his version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream which was AWESOME. I’ll be randomly posting tunes from this album while I’m on my mom’s computador and they are staring at me. You’re welcome.

WonderGirl’s MAD piano skills at work last night at a nursing home. You’ll notice she played it perfectly whereas I… whatever, I’m so proud of her!!

I’m so playing this for WonderGirl when she gets home. I predict a suweet Living Room Dance Party. And then she’ll either demand a haircut or a silver coat. Possibly both.

women of the world:

The Ivy Leaf set : The BorderCollies Have we all heard this a gazzillion times? No matter, it’s required St. Patty’s dance fare in our living room. It doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, every time the violin pops up in the last tune, I tear up. I just can’t believe it’s me! In the immortal words of my favorite Celtic guitarist, Erin go braugh-less!

Aaaaaaaannnnnd the day is now perfect. Best St. Patty’s Day video EVER. Hey Jane, be sure to make Tarzan see this! (via librarianpirate)

today is a monday in disguise

If we’re not e-BFFs on the Facebooks (or follow my uberawesome music site), you probably missed this. I do so love my family. For an added behind-the-scenes treat, here’s the commentary husband left on the Treblemaker site: A few comical notes about the making of this video: This was take 3 from Day 2. Take 1 involved an imaginary microphone which was extremely distracting. The next take involved said microphone and no headphones on wondergirl. As a result she attempted to put the microphone into her mouth in order to be heard. What came out was a garbled mess. The solution was to add a mixer and headphones so she could only hear herself - thus eliminating the need to devour the microphone.Finally - Our little Dude can be seen in the lower left corner, poking in and out of the frame. He begins by dancing and then you can see his little fingers begin to manipulate the mixer. Thankfully, the knobs he were for the channels we were not using.

LOVE THIS. Hon, take note of the Chinese one (he has to go there again in a wee bit. No worries, I’m going to flee the state when he does). Could them make one in Portuguese, or maybe one of ClownTown, USA? Hrm…. maybe I’ll do that one…. new hobby, woohoo!

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