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a few brief facts about my vacation

throwback thursday

3 year old Captain Obvious

I am far too trusting of recipes from the interweb

librarianpirate: kratlee: thedailywhat: The Library Your Library Could Look Like of the Day: The Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University is no ordinary university library. For starters, it’s the kind of university library capable of producing a pitch-perfect parody of the Isaiah Mustafa Old Spice spots. [urlesque.] um, YES. Did you know that 8 out of 5 dentists say that studying in the library is 6 bajillion times better than studying in your shower?

throwback thursday

The kind of video only a mother could love. It’s the Dude’s new-found walking abilities, taken with with my new phone. I still want to punch said phone in the face every day because it’s not an iPhone (curse you, AT&T! You can build a tower in my backyard, seriously!!), but this dissapated my venom just a tad. I can upload YouTube videos direct from my phone?? This is going to get verra interesting…

I never watch those talent competition shows, and I have never in my life voted on one. Until last nght. I kind of dig America’s Got Talent because it’s so diverse, I don’t get bored (fire eater, then a professional whistler, then stiltwalkers, etc.). And then this act appeared - Airpocalypse, and I grabbed my phone. If Nickelback can somehow gain fame and fortune in this crazy world, then I INSIST an air band become just as big to even things out. They have way more talent than Nickelback anyway.

i belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, seriously

Chapstick. Napoleon and Kip. Woohoo for the weekend! I have a hot date. My lips are gonna hurt real bad.

throwback thursday


i am not making this chat up.