Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy snap holy snap holy snap.  I may actually consider getting pregnant one more time.  Forever 21 just added a maternity line.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you know how expensive and ill-fitting maternity clothes are?!?!  There isn’t a single clothing item over 20 bucks.  And I HATE my maternity clothes.

Isn’t is sad that I’m such a clothing addict that cheap maternity clothes could actually make me consider another child??  Really.  There should be a test before you’re allowed to be fertile.

The above top is $10.80.  HOLY SNAP!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GPOYW - Don’t mess with the musician - edition (hey, that rhymes!  Sweet!).  Last Sunday I attended my aunt’s ward (church lingo) and helped out with the Primary music stuff.  Little kids, more LDS lingo.  We tried to get the kids to sing in a round, boys vs girls and all that - which was moderately successful.  It’s not easy to get a group of little kiddos to sing in a round when there’s just one teacher to follow, so having an extra voice (moi) worked perfectly.  My aunt mused that possibly next week when I am gone, she should just put a picture of me up for one group to follow, har har.  And then we actually went ouside to take some pictures.  This one was an outtake.  But incredibly awesome.  This might just be the face that WonderGirl saw when she blew up at dinner last night…

holy snap i gave birth to a crazy person

I’m not quite sure what the actual time is here on the west coast, but my computer (who still thinks I’m in Wisconsin) says it’s 1:30 in the morning.  But I can’t sleep, and the internet is asleep too.  So I think I’ll blog.

Side note - I had this deep thought today - blogging is like busking.  Which as a fiddler, I’ve done a bit in my day.   I stand out there on the street of Intra and Web, playing my crazy tunes, and nice passersby drop comments like spare change into my violin case.  And I eat every single one up like candy.  Dang I like blogging.

Anywho, today was one of THOSE days.  The kind where poor WonderGirl is all out of her element and crazed and acts like the 17 year-old I’m terrified she’ll be.  I stick to my guns and try, but heaven knows I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and if it is doing any good at all, besides taking years of the end of both our lives.

Case in point - tonight at dinner, she had another a-tt-i-t-uuude.  Remember how she’s a picky eater, and I decided to not make food a battle?  The rule is you sit there for dinner (family time), and eat if you want.  If you refuse to eat it fine, but you aren’t eating until the next meal.  We made wontons, these fantastic, brilliantly made (I helped!) wontons.  And she sits down and starts to whine.  It’s the whining stage right now, by the by.  Oh joy.  I remind her of our rule, but she whiiined and whiiined that she wanted something else to eat.  Which she wasn’t going to get, of course - I never give her something else to eat, why should today be any different??  So I would ask her to stop whining and change the subject but she sat there fuming, boiling mad until she decided to go for the big guns - she plugs her nose and shouts “This food is stinky!”  Right in front of my fabulous aunt and uncle who made it.  Now THAT was across the line, so I dragged (literally, I think) her into the house and gave her a time out (mine aren’t those cute sit-on-the-naughty-stool kind) and gave her a toungue lashing.  About how no matter how bad your mood is, you don’t get all mean to random people.  And other such things.  We’ve been learning about the Golden Rule and this worked its way in there nicely.  She had to go apologize, and was allowed to sit at the table again as long as she was nice (that means no hysterical screaming.  That’s how low my standards are now. GAH ).  And of course she ended up trying it after a little while on her own.  She didn’t dig it, but she wasn’t mean.  She also didn’t get anything else to eat, but that wasn’t the point.

But here’s my conundrum… this is not the first time something like this has happened.  She’ll get totally upset every now and then about something she doesn’t like, and no amount of positive attention or sense will clear things up.  It’s not until she has been punished and screamed hysterically for a while that she will calm down and try another alternative.  This can’t be healthy.  I really really hope someone out there has had a 3 year-old that was this nuts and turned out smashingly, because I’m crazy nervous.  I have a friend with 3 daughters, of which two are good arrows but one is into all kinds of bad stuff.  The parents are good, the other two are good, how did the one end up so far from that?

I’m good, my husband is good, I try, I really try, and yet I’m terrified it won’t be enough and one bad influence will be enough to turn her angry and away from my family and I’ll be a poor, sobbing mess in some bus station somewhere looking for my dear, sweet WonderTeenager who has run away from home after I forced her to do chores and eat a carrot and now she’s out there somewhere, selling crack to nuns and preschoolers and considering a marketing degree. 

I’m serious.  Ask anyone who has seen this 3 year old in full tantrum action and tell me that isn’t a distinct possibility.

Maybe I should get some sleep.  Tomorrow looms…

I’m posting this to remind myself how deeply I love her.  Because after her constant string of tantrums today, my memory is a little shaky on that fact.

PS  I’m totally embracing the curly hair that giving birth to the Dude gave me.  Dang I love that kid.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sometimes I feel like a terrible parent because I know so many shortcuts.  Things I can do when I just need a minute to myself.  The fact that I have the entire PBS Kids schedule memorized, or that my now defunct iPhone has many MANY apps on it that I can throw at WonderGirl if I’m desperate to keep her quiet during church functions, among other things.

We’re at The Farm, my aunt’s place in Oregon, the most relaxing piece of heaven you can imagine.  So beautiful, so sweet.  No TV.  I feel my metabolism slow as I just sink into this slow existence, surrounded by distant mountains and gardens.  I love it.  But kids don’t need downtime as much as mommy/aunt, so I put them out there on a blanket to watch some Sid the Science Kid shows.  I feel so relaxed it should be illegal.

Never underestimate the power of a portable DVD player.

It might make my dad mad that I’ve posted this (dunno about bandwidth and stuff), but it’s too adorable not to.  It’s a sketchy video of Dallin and I playing violin at his reception (he’s the groom but when your bride requests you play a few numbers, you do it!).  We’re playing a wee bit of The Star of the County Down/If You Could Hie To Kolob (same melody) and then my dad put the camera onto the bride of the sweetest little bit of heaven you could ask for.  That’s my little girl she’s got there - and though the beautiful bride must have been exhausted, she spent a good long while playing with, listening to and snuggling my WonderGirl.

Can I pick ‘em or what?! (which is why I call myself the puppetmaster, alluding to the fact that I am still taking credit for matching them up.  FYI.  Dang I’m awesome.)

The video has to download, it’s only 58 seconds so it should only take a moment.  So worth it.

*EDIT*  Here’s a less sketchy vid that doesn’t need to download  and besides showing that my brother got the sweetest wife ever, it’s a endorsement for Suzuki violin.  Oh, sweet minuets and diversionary tactics…

Knock Knock. 

(via hunsonisgroovy)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

YES!!!  Dallin got married!!!  I, the puppetmaster, got my borther married to the sweetest gal there is.  The wedding was fantastic.  And now I’m up in Oregon for the week with my kiddos, a cousin, my mom and Sanny and her husband for a much needed break.  They live in the country in this beautiful place that is so peaceful.. SO peaceful… I love it.  I haven’t been on the web for over a week, so excuse my cluelessness.  I’ll get crackin’ on my reader post haste.  I’ve missed you.

this was the only pic I had with the bride and groom.  I was too busy rockin’ out for the rest of the day.

Monday, June 21, 2010

In Colorado.  With my family.  Preparing for the wedding extravaganza of my awesome bro.  But the Dude, the sweetest, most happy baby there is has a double ear infection and I’ve been laid low as well.  I wanted to me more helpful, but I have spent far too much time laying on the floor moaning - “Dude - I KNOW you feel bad, stop screaming in my face!”  And oh, the snot and slobber and tears… I don’t think his face will ever be clean again.  Naaastay.

Want to blog.  Want to read blogs.  Haven’t the time or energy because I’m focused on keeping both of us alive.  At least through Friday.  Gotta be in the wedding photos.  So if there is something aweosme or traumatic or ANYthing going on in your world, you you kindly leave comment and tell me?  It would so make my day.

Friday, June 18, 2010

best blasted mommy ever

Husband got cheap tickets to a waterpark nearby (did you know I live about 15 min. from the waterpark capital of the world?  Seriously, why are y’all not visiting me right now??) and in my insanity, I decided I’d take the kiddos today.  The Dude still has morning naps and our window of fun before he goes bonkers in the afternoon is limited - but why should WonderGirl miss out?  Sigh.  I am such a awesome mom.  I found a babysittin’ age girl at church to come along and play with her while I try to wrangle the Dude.  You know, the baby who is crawling?  The baby that gets personally offended if he is not allowed to use said skill all the blasted time?

I’m telling you this so you’ll know if I don’t write again, it’s because my head exploded under the pressure of the hot sun, trying to not scream at other people’s children getting all up in my business and trying to keep the Dude from crawling into a pool filter.  Gulp.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ak, did I forgot to mention my awesome in-laws over at Recycled Toys are having a giveaway of those cool magnetic altoid paper dolls or little felt cupcakes (your choice)?  And it ends tomorrow?  Hrm.  Carry on.

throwback thursday

November 27th, 2006.  We spent T-Day in Brasil, with our favorite displaced American family. (Pensievity.  She is AWESOME.)  I love, LOVE these pictures.

So the afore-mentioned rant will have to wait, as I simply cannot rant in the same entry that I post the cutest picture the world has ever seen. Yesterday at our Thanksgiving feast, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the construction paper Elizabeth sent me all the way from Alabama (I’m thankful for you!!) and also take advantage of the fact that babies can’t get embarrassed.

I was just stuck by the beauty of a holiday so many people share, just to be with their families and say thanks. I usually fly home to Colorado to celebrate – the fact that so many people are willing to go to the expense to be with the people they love is moving to me. And then there is the history of the holiday itself. If you look specifically at the events that took place to inspire the day – the Native Americans sharing their knowledge and resources with the Pilgrims – it is a beautiful thing.

So to acknowledge the history, my friend Pensievity and I made these for our kids. Her son wouldn’t sit long enough for the band to fit the hat on the head to be made, so Husband taped it right it onto his forehead.

I can’t believe you have to have a license to buy a gun but someone like me is allowed to procreate and raise children.


We had a doctor’s appointment this morning for WonderGirl and apparently her skin is normal. I have no idea how I’m going to handle something actually wrong with her body. She’s growing right, and pretty much perfect in every way. I’m not taking credit for that.

I don’t feel like I can take credit for much. She just grows slower than I can read books and websites on child development, so everything I read and look for or try to stuff into her paws goes unnoticed. Uninterested. I spend all day with this small bundle of ennui. Yes, I’m taking it personally.

Our house-cleaning lady can get her smiling and cooing in seconds, and Husband and I are desperately trying to learn how to baby-talk as well as she does. But it just isn’t the same. Maybe I should learn Portuguese just to make WG smile more??

I still can’t believe she came out of my body. But now she is, and I keep waiting for a hug. Some sign that she cares I exist, besides feeding her. What do I do until then??

SUPERCRACK needs a hug. Baby sized.

'huge space storm' will cause devastation in 2013

'huge space storm' will cause devastation in 2013

“It will disrupt communication devices such as satellites and car navigations, air travel, the banking system, our computers, everything that is electronic. It will cause major problems for the world. Large areas will be without electricity power and to repair that damage will be hard as that takes time.” (via guy)

Click on the title to see the news link. AK.  I think I want a ham radio.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GPOYW - Holy snap, I got a sitter because I had to head to an actual city to do an errand today, and that means I get to listen to whatever I want on the radio!!!  Hey, I wonder what I look like in traffic while I’m singing my brains out to Summer of ‘69? - edition.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My mucles ache.  My ears are ringing - mostly with all those darn notes I missed.  Isn’t that always the way?  But I hit more notes than I didn’t, and after a year hiatus I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.  6 shows in 3 days.  It’s just like falling off a bike, it all came back to me (I know the adage is just like *riding* a bike, but I forgot how to do that.  Truly I have).  And the setting was GORGEOUS - nestled in the Appalacian mountains surrounded by nothing but green fuzzy trees and men in kilts.  I got to live out my rockstar fantasy too when we were joined onsatge with some of the guys from another band (the loudest drummer I’ve ever played with!) and did the hardest-rockingest version of Byker Hill ever.

Before I left, I was so nervous that it would feel too differently from my heyday as a fiddling fiend - I convinced myself that I was done with the performing life.  I’d been able to live out my dream once, but I was content with leaving it in the past.  I just hoped I wouldn’t embarass myself.

But the moment I stepped into the humidity of Atlanta, I knew I was kidding myself.  The first few notes felt less sure than before, but I found my way.  I adored every second.  I felt grateful for every person who listened and applauded.  I don’t know if I fully appreciated all of these moments back when I was a full-time fiddler, but I like to think I did.  I’m the luckiest  classical-violinist-turned-jazz-fiddler-turned-celtic-fiddler there ever was.  I’m not the greatest player out there, but I’m thankful for whats I got and what I gets to do, that’s for sure!

I may or may not have promised Husband a few very rash things in exchange for the chance to move back in a few years.

Although there was a big HELLLOOOO REALITY!! punch in the face when we got back to the land of the cows - we didn’t get home until 2am this morning, Wonder Girl threw up at 4am and was covered in hives by 5am, then the Dude was up.  So off to the doctor we went.. from rockstar to domesticity in less than 14 hours… sigh…

Friday, June 11, 2010

The air is thick...

the highways are insane, we stopped for a dozen Krystal burgers and Krispy Kremes within the first 40 minutes. Heaven help me, I love the south. I don’t know if I can bear to leave on Sunday…

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

 GPOYW - What Was I Thinking?? edition.  Packing to fly out to ATL tomorrow… 6 shows in 3 days… haven’t played a single Celtic gig (high octane show) in a year… teeeeny bit nervous.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

thoughts going on in my head while at the dentist today

Oh man, this is awesome.  I just lay here and listen to my iPod?  I could get used to this.

Sweet, the gas!  I feel nice and relaxed.

Sooooo relaaaaxed.  I think I understand why people do drugs.  Wouldn’t it nice to be this relaxed??  I can’t think of anything.  Just chillin’… relaxin’….

WOW.  I REALLY understand drug addicts.  This is AWESOME.  SO RELAXED.

so.    relaxed.

I want to be on drugs every day.

every day.

dayyyy is a funny word.  DAY. daydaydaydaydaydayyyyeeeeeee.

boop.  heehee.  boooooop.  beeee beeeee booooop.  heeheee.



ouch.  so relaxed.  except…. tummy.

tummy.  ouch.  tummy bad.

too relaxed to tell dentist I feel like throwing up.

Too.  Relaxed. 

Maybe I shouldn’t do drugs?

Dude, it’s a good thing I’m Mormon.

Okay, I really have to tell the dentist I’m this nauseous.

Can’t…. too relaxed… must try….


*time elapsed - 20 minutes while I sit up and try not to barf.  Nice dentist sits there and pats my back until I can say “veeeoooobetter nowbaaahh.”*

Maybe I shouldn’t be a drug addict anymore.

For this edition of Spotlight On My Stalkers, I thought I’d go in a completely opposite direction and talk about someone I’ve only met once.  Cathie and I met on the web at least what, seven years ago?  We were both blogging on diaryland (ahhh, the memories…) and ended up instant messaging periodically.  We both lived in Arizona, and yet never met up until the last night I lived there, when she came to hear me play my guitar and sing angry chick music at a Phoenix coffee joint.  She had a lovely smile and a totally lame boyfriend (ug, me too actually) and made one of the coolest nights of my life 172% even cooler.  I never before or since had a paying gig for me to sing - and hey, I know it was only so I, the local talent, would bring a crowd for the more talented acts after me, but it was a big deal.  The next morning, I was checking blogs and such, and she’d written about how it was nifty, and then QUOTED ONE OF MY LYRICS VERBATIM and said she’d wished the’d thought it up.  She heard my lyrics??  The ones that I’d slaved and cried and moaned over????  I mean, they were mostly crap, but that particular line I’d thought was quite clever, and in all my whining and moaning all night, she’d heard and remembered that?!?!  It’s what, 6 years later and the thought still warms my heart at least 3 times a week.

Oh wait - this was suposed to be about Cathie… alighty then:

  • She is so witty it’s ridiculous.

  • She is so smart it’s ridiculous.

  • She served a mission in Idaho and lived to tell the tale.  Barely. ;)

  • “I read something last night on five ways to save $500. I think my all-time favorite tip is “make more money.”  Thanks, guys.  WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?”

  • She recently got married to one of the luckiest men alive all on the sly.  That pic is of her updating her FB status on the big day - you should have seen the responses!  Huh??  You were engaged??  And now you’re MARRIED???  It was hilarious!

  • She is a receptionist, but I like to think of her as the gatekeeper.  This formidable, dressy “and WHO are you here to see?” lady.  That’s what I picture, anyway.

  • “Skinny belts.  They don’t DO anything.  They’re not holding up your pants.  They’re not keeping your shirt buttoned.  They’re…chopping your torso in half visually?  This is another reheated 80s trend.  Basically, I don’t like the 80s.  THE 80s WERE UGLY.  And if you’re going to bring back something, bring back HyperColor t-shirts!”

There’s so much more I can say, except she’s just so awesome it’s a little overwhelming to pick specifics.  Like the time I complained that my computer just have a AVADA KEVADRA button because it gave my computer the blue screen of death, and she said “Shouldn’t it make it go *green* screen?”  Seriously, that wit??  FanTASTIC.  Go stalk Cathie!!

Death Cab For Cutie : Passenger Seat I don’t think DCFC can do a happy song.. there’s always some twinge - some brush of reality to taint it. Taint in the best possible way, of course. So when I heard this song for the first time, it actually made me weep. It’s pretty much the love song that fits my marriage the best. Oh, there’s hop up and down, scream with joy moments, there’s stand back and pass out from exhaustion moments, and then there’s these - the quiet ones where thoughts come out of your head and interject the silence with conversation, then pass back into that silence that can only exist with people who live in the safety of knowing that they are completey loved. The kind of silence that doesn’t need roses, marching bands or fanfare. Where all that is needed to keep you going is a passing smile. It’s the confidence to be still.

Death Cab For Cutie : Passenger Seat

I don’t think DCFC can do a happy song.. there’s always some twinge - some brush of reality to taint it.  Taint in the best possible way, of course.  So when I heard this song for the first time, it actually made me weep.  It’s pretty much the love song that fits my marriage the best.  Oh, there’s hop up and down, scream with joy moments, there’s stand back and pass out from exhaustion moments, and then there’s these - the quiet ones where thoughts come out of your head and interject the silence with conversation, then pass back into that silence that can only exist with people who live in the safety of knowing that they are completey loved.  The kind of silence that doesn’t need roses, marching bands or fanfare.  Where all that is needed to keep you going is a passing smile.

It’s the confidence to be still. 

Hey, the Husband’s sister and hubby have this fantastic blog called Recycled Toys where they make toys outta nothin’.  It’s pretty awesome.  And they are finalists for this competion thingy with their AWESOME idea, the Altoid can magnetic paper doll!!!  It’ll only take a second, y’all need to hop on OVER HERE and vote for it.  I said HOP!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dang.  I gotta pick up some party hats for the Husband ASAP.

(via bitterdepths)

Darth Junior is in time out…  (via ihatemyparents)

On birthday gifting...

What do you get the Husband who has everything, especially when every time you ask him that question all he’ll answer is “a gun”??

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I’ve wanted to do this feature for a while now - I’m going to do a series of posts spotlighting my awesome, awesome readers/friends/family/stalkers.  Introducing some of the greatest reads on the intraweb to people who might not be reading them just yet.  Also, you are awesome.

For my first Spotlight On My Stalkers,  I want to do none other than my very own sister-in-law Jane (of Jane and Tarzan fame).  Who is Jane?  In her own words, she is “ …probably the only female, left-handed, Mormon, diabetic, architect and also Queen of the South Central Jungle, who cooks dang good, in both senses of the word.”  A few interesting factoids and quotes:

  • She is a die-hard Dancing With The Stars fan, and can dissect every show like a pro.  

  • She loves LOVES anything Wicked and has seen the show what - seven times?  She took me to my first Wicked, too!

  • She is a huge USC Trojans fan, what with her being a graduate and all that, but when she watches the football games she actually know what is going on.  Now THAT’S impressive.

  • She lives in South Central LA in a VERY… interesting neighborhood.  She revels in the wacky animal life there (sooo many cats, bugs, and raccoons, oh my!)  and has oh, so interesting neighbors.  

  • She’s been married to my brother Tarzan (who occasionally shows up on their blog) for over 10 years.  DUDE.

  • Her birthday is one day before mine and she has never once failed to send me a birthday card.  I’m going to reciprocate one of these years, dang it.

  • She is a FABULOUS cook.  We made her do the entire Thanksgiving dinner 2 years ago and we didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty about it.  If you got to taste her cooking, you’d do the exact same thing.

  • “Be honest now - is it weird to be excited because the kittens pooped themselves?”

  • So I suppose it’s a testament to how long we’ve been married that Tarzan can walk into the kitchen sniff the air, declare dinner smells like turpentine, announce he’s thrilled to see what it tastes like and I don’t even blink an eye.”

  • “The Michael Jackson tribute had a little too much crotch grabbing for me, but we’ve already decided I am an old fogey.”

  • She is the greatest commenter known to man.  She is religious about it, always has something to say and gives my heart that skip when I see the “new comment” e.mails in my inbox.  (You should read her, she’ll stalk you too :)

One additional interesting tidbit is that we were not the closest of buddies when she and my brother got married.  We’re very different (aside from the whole Libra thing) and we didn’t get the chance to really know each other until one day a few years ago when she e.mailed me out of the blue and informed me she’d read my ENTIRE blog, all the way back to 1999.  She told me some very sweet things about all I’d gone through and then started up her own blog so I could get to stalk her.  Getting to know her through her blog has been one of the best things the intraweb has ever done for me - because not only is she really my sister now, she’s also my friend.

And she really likes getting good parking spaces at In-N-Out.


Now go stalk her too!

If you want to be spotlighted, don’t forget to add your name to my link list on the right.  I’ll get around to everyone before the intraweb stops being cool and we all go back to reading books and communicating in person or something.

OneBrickShy Reader's Cookbook

My stalkers/readers are AWESOME.  You want to cook like a Reva aficionado?  Here you go!  The recipes are separated in three categories:  Crock Pot Cookin’, I Feel Like Chicken Tonight, and Soup-er Summer.  Click on, and THANK YOU stalker buddies!!

throwback thursday

In the spirit of TMI, here’s an entry from April 27th, 2001 that involves my chest.  Just a warnin’.  I was a senior (for the first time ) at good ol’ UNT doing what I did the most of, sitting in orchestra.  And embarrassing myself

Wednesday night I played Beethoven’s 9th. It was totally exciting! I don’t remember much of it because I was busy having my back hurt like HECK, but I’ve never had such big applause in my life. All for little old Reva, 6th chair in the second violin section….

The was one reason though that it was good that not many people could see me…

It was just before we began. I’m sitting there on stage, all pretty in my black clothes, when I decided to take off my watch and put it on the floor next to the music stand.

A little background - my violin was laying face up on my lap and you know that white chalky-ish rosin stuff you see violinists putting on their bows (sorry, the other bowed string instruments too:)? Well, that gets on your strings where you play.

Do you see where this is going?

I bend over my violin to put my watch on the floor…

I sit up, and discover I’d gotten lines of rosin right across my ample bosom there …. on a black velvet shirt, lines of white chalk across my chest, seconds becore I have to stand up as the conductor gets the orchestra a round of applause before the music starts.

I’m frantically rubbing my shirt to get the rosin off, praying no one sees the possibly provacative gestures I’m making.

The two guys next to me did… and today Sean came up to me - just a buddy - and asked me why he’d seen my rubbing my boobs before the concert.

possibly the most embarassing thing that’s happened to me on stage…

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

so ashamed...

I may have purchased a pair of grey skinny jeans from Walmart today for $7 … from the Miley Cyrus line.  Don’t judge, they made my butt look perky.

GPOYW - What my face looks like when I’m saying my name - edition.  I was curious.  The letter R sound is a sexy one, no?  I dare you to try one with your name.  It’ll be the cool new intraweb thing to do!

What Your Email Address Says About Your Computer Skills (via)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

help, puleez

I have a favor to ask.  And i know I already asked for a favor and YES, the cookbook is almost ready.  But this one is a bit more personal.

I’ve got this crazy uncle - Bret - who has been in the hospital for over a week now with liver troubles.  Like, it’s not working.  And his kidneys.  He is making small progress, but it’s all so small compared to the mountain he needs to climb.  He also has a lovely wife and a baby girl just 2 months younger than my Dude.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for all of them.  Could you send a few prayers their way?  I know they’ve been working thus far, but some extras would be lovely.

Also, he’s crazy, and laying in bed non-stop, in and out of consciousness is a tad boring.  He loves jokes, and my mom is at his bedside, trying to come up some but she’s tapped out.  Good jokes, awful jokes, he appreciates them all.  If you know of one or two or thirteen, please share.  I’ll send them along ASAP.


HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...