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holy snap i gave birth to a crazy person

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'huge space storm' will cause devastation in 2013

Charlie Parker : Salt Peanuts I have a bad feeling in my tummy I can’t shake. I can’t put my finger on it… but this tune is guaranteed to make me smile. Michael (my favorite guitarist to work with EVER) shared this with me this weekend. I dare you not to sing the lyrics for the rest of the day. I DARE YOU.

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thoughts going on in my head while at the dentist today

Death Cab For Cutie : Passenger Seat I don’t think DCFC can do a happy song.. there’s always some twinge - some brush of reality to taint it. Taint in the best possible way, of course. So when I heard this song for the first time, it actually made me weep. It’s pretty much the love song that fits my marriage the best. Oh, there’s hop up and down, scream with joy moments, there’s stand back and pass out from exhaustion moments, and then there’s these - the quiet ones where thoughts come out of your head and interject the silence with conversation, then pass back into that silence that can only exist with people who live in the safety of knowing that they are completey loved. The kind of silence that doesn’t need roses, marching bands or fanfare. Where all that is needed to keep you going is a passing smile. It’s the confidence to be still.

WonderGirl wanted to sing a song for daddy’s birthday. Sorry about the poor camera work, that cardboard box just doesn’t know how to aim.

Train : Hey Soul Sister There’s a reason every ad agency is dying to license this song. You pair that adorable ukelele line with anything, I’ll totally buy it.

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throwback thursday

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