Tuesday, November 30, 2010

and... scene.

So on the last day of NaBloPoMo my laptop has decided to get violently ill.  Something about “OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND” or some such nonsense.  There were pictures… musics… but those will have to wait until the husband returns from the other side of the world and works his magic.

I think it’s kind of fitting that at the end of 30 days with at lest 30 posts that I should be sitting in front of the computer without the ability to make a coherent commentary on my day.  Suffice to say, the Dude spent the entire day alternately finding every choke-able he could get his adorable mitts on or screaming because said choke-able was confiscated.  Which I say not to complain, only to explain why my brain is almost non-functional.

sidenote - he is still the most adorable man-human on earth and I am still madly in love with him, I am merely commentating on the reality of the downside to his awesome mobility and mental development, aka toddler-hood.  I should post some videos of him in his giggling, joyful glory.  Except I can’t.  Because the laptop thinks I did something illegal.  Gah.

I’m pooped.  I am going to sit in bed and try to wrap books and convince myself that a bedtime before 11pm is optimal.  

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Christmas Book Advent Calendar

How brilliant is this?!

Instead of using a traditional advent calendar [where hidden behind microscopic paper doors are tiny holiday themed photos or bite-sized pieces of chocolate] to count down the days until Christmas….why not make things a little more interactive with this delightful idea!

You can create your own Christmas Book Advent Calendar, by wrapping 24 Christmas Books in festive holiday paper. Label each book with the 24 days until Christmas and display them somewhere in your home [on your mantle…under the tree!]. Each night, your kids get to unwrap one book and that is their bedtime story for the evening.

[I know it sounds daunting at first…but wrap in cheap paper and definitely reuse the books year after year. Just call it a tradition!]

I stumbled on this idea on one of my favorite mommy blogs, and while our little girl will be experiencing Christmas from inside my tummy this year, I DEFINITELY will be implementing this come Christmas 2011. And I plan beginning my hunt for Holiday Books now!

Have I mentioned….I really can’t wait to be a Mom!

[Photo & Idea via Babyccino Kids
and visit their bookshop to check out their recommendations for the best Children’s holiday books!]

Growing up, I was always obsessed with my advent calendar. And by “growing up,” I mean, I need to go out and get one for this year. Sometimes chocolate, sometimes ornaments, there was just something special about opening up a little thing each day with the anticipation mounting towards Christmas.

And this, well, THIS is such an amazing idea! File under: Things to Keep In Mind for 10 Years Down the Road.

You know, at first I saw this and thought “Well snap, it starts in 2 days, I’ll never have that many books in time.”  But we have a ton of books, I’ll bet I can scrape together enough books about Christ and the holidays to equal up to 25 (should I wrap the entire Seuss Anthology just because that’s the only copy of The Grinch that I have??).  And if I can’t, I’ll just wrap some extra random books to equal 25 and then find some later and replace them.  She’ll never know, mwwhhaaahaaa.

Monday, November 29, 2010


So back in college, one of my best friends went into the army.  He mentioned that whenever a recruit received any mail that smelled like perfume, they had to do a bunch of push-ups.

Seemed like a challenge to me.

So, one day I got the biggest pair of granny panties I could find, doused them in my Giorgio Red and stuffed them in an also-doused Cracker Jack box.  Then, because I am a complete idiot with mailing anything, I wrapped it in about 70 pieces of paper and 14 rolls of tape, then sent it off to his boot camp.

The story goes, the package seemed so suspicious his superiors called him in and asked him to open it in person.  No one said anything as they stared at the noxious unmentionables.  ”I’ll just be down here then…” my friend mumbled as he got down on the ground and started doing push-ups.  

I mention this funny story because I’d rather spend my few alone minutes this evening thinking about the days when I was young and carefree and NOT writing about how it is ONLY MONDAY.  There is still a week of this left.  I already threw in the towel this evening (today, by the way, started with both children in my bed, the smaller one trying to kill the other two) and hid under the covers crying on the phone to my mom while the Dude, drunk with the exhaustion and indignity of not being allowed to drown himself in his sister’s bath, cried so hard he was running into walls.

So let’s remember that time I completely humiliated one of the nicest people I’ve ever known.  He gave me a car.  Seriously.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

door two

The husband left at 4am.  The visiting family left at 8am.  Got to church on time at 9 am and got both kids to be reverent for sacrament meeting.  Even managed to teach singing (and a mini bell choir) for the next two hours while juggling the Dude.

Got home.

Home is TRASHED.

The kitchen looks like a war zone, despite cleaning it repeatedly all weekend long.  The house looks…. well, like it was a holiday and we enjoyed ourselves.  TRASHED.

We got into our snuggly clothes and ate lunch.  I cuddled with WonderGirl, read some Bible stories and poetry and helped her write/draw in her journal while I got caught up on the journal I’m keeping for her.

The house is still trashed.

I don’t know how on earth I will ever un-trash it this week, but so far I’m happier for the good Sunday vibes than I would be with a tidy house.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010

Who is going to the Harry Potter?? Me is going to the Harry Potter!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have you ever heard of a Toll House Pie?? It’s as magical as it sounds.  I’m really blown away by how much I have to be thankful for.  Oh, I can always compare my life to someone else and come up short, but really - I have it all.  A home, food in my tummy and money in the bank, a husband who supports me, perfect-for-me (and mostly all-around perfect;) children, the gospel and all the awesomeness that goes with the knowledge of the purpose of life, family to love and to miss, and a friend who can cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner for her family, and still have the time and energy to make me a Toll House Pie and drop it off at my house - just because I’d never had one. Sometimes when I actually process how insanely blessed I am, I feel like my heart can hardly fit into my body. I am so, so grateful.   And thank you so much, Julie! you. are. amazing.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did you choose blue?? Do I look like a super hero yet?? Cuz I sure feel like one!

GPOYW - the Before edition. Any guesses to what color I’m adding?

Yesterday afternoon I took the Dude’s nap as an opportunity to go outside and freeze my fingers off by spray painting some chairs. When I came back inside, WonderGirl looked up at me with remorse-filled eyes and said “I’m sorry.”

This is never good a good opening statement. Before I could ask why, I heard the Dude crying. “I woke him up,” she said sadly. Ug. I braced myself for a workout and warned her to stay away from his room while I tried to put him back down.

Screaming ensued as I tried to snuggle him into submission, and I sat there in the dark thinking black thoughts. The Dude was now hysterical and exhausted and my tricks and patience were falling short. Just as I was about to just toss him back in the crib and hide under my own bed, I saw WG’s silhouette at the door. I frantically shook my head so she wouldn’t attract the Dude’s attention, and she thankfully got the hint and quietly closed the door. Then I saw this picture slip underneath it.

A few minutes later I admitted defeat and let the Dude run off to spend the rest of the day cranky and delirious.  WonderGirl came back upstairs to apologize again.  ”I made you that picture to make you happy again,” she said.  And there was much snuggling.

That, my friends, is the the fuel that gets Mommies through the rough patches.

insertaclevernamehere: I knew it. I knew it! (Thanks to delvintomymind for suggesting it. Hopefully that linked to his page. I have no idea how this stuff actually works.) Oh my gosh, watch it all right now!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Click on the picture if you need to know when you can catch The Grinch or any other cheesy holiday movie.  Although conspicuously absent is the Star Wars Holiday Special.  Happy Life Day, everybody!


At the request of his children, London architect Alex Michaelis installed a slide next to the staircase in their new eco-friendly dream home. (via be-ok:anditslove)

Honey, do you see this??  I’m insisting on this in our next house.  INSISTING!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

tis a gift to be simple

In the car today, I was thrilled to hear Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring on the radio.  There is no better piece of music for Thanksgiving.  The last theme really gets me, and I was bawling my head off by the time I got home.  Copland always knows how to make me so blasted thankful to be alive.  I usually dislike playing in orchestras, but not when I’m playing Copland.  Or Carmina Burana - that piece is just pure crazy fun on every page.  Related parent worry - will I be able to teach my children enough about music to give them the opportunity to really hear music and be moved to tears?  They don’t have to cry - but it’s nice to have enough knowledge to have it as an option, right?  And by the time I stumbled inside the house with the kids and the groceries, I was positive I’d failed as mother because they weren’t bawling too.  Good golly I’m neurotic.

Ah, brothers.  This morning my brother Quinn sent me this delightful link to all the reviews of Area 51 on Google Maps.  My favorite: 

Whatever you do, do not write a negative review of this place while staying there. Turns out, they totally know what Hotels.com is, and they will not hesitate to impregnate you with a predalien.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

dear "sir":

I’m just warning you, Wisconsin.  I know you are planning on snowing soon.  I get that.  It’s what you do.  But with David Hasselhoff as my witness, I promise you I will go berserk.  I grew up in Colorado, I know snow.  Your snow is not snow.  It is a white tomb of HORRIBLE that descends on the ground and doesn’t relent until March.  I.  Hate. This. “Snow.”  GRHRHKJHEKJWHE.  Oh, and lucky me, right around the time it is supposed to show up is right when the one person in the household who knows how to use the snowblower is heading to China.  Yeah, China.  You’ll probably win the first round, “snow,” as I will be trapped in the house for an entire week.  But there will be a round two, and I’d watch your back if I were “you.”  I have a hairdryer and I am NOT afraid to use it.

This picture makes me happy to be alive.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

I could seriously accessorize with this bad puppy.

So if you check out the DownEast Basics dress page, you’ll notice at the bottom there are 3 lovely, satin-y dresses for $10 each.  The sizes are limited - but not too limited, give ‘em a look.  The one pictured still has has sizes 0-14!  Unfortunately for me, DownEast dresses are too darn short.  So go ahead and get ‘em and look cute while I get all bitter and stuff. ;)

The BoomCase  The Self Powered, Portable Suitcase Stereo system works with your iPod/ iPhone or any device with a headphone jack. This case will last 8+ hours on a single charge (Charger Built In). In addition to running on batteries, the BoomCase can also be plugged in when the party goes inside.

Lyndel, Christmas present for Mike maybe?  Or me! ;)

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Andrew Bird - Anonanimal It’s an Andrew Bird kind of day. In my next life, I’m going to ask for a helping of his creativity and talent. Seriously, he makes the violin work in a way that that almost no one ever does. You listen to him and think, “wow, what great instrumentals!” and not “Ooo, it’s a band. And a violin.” For anonanimal.

Andrew Bird - Anonanimal

It’s an Andrew Bird kind of day.  In my next life, I’m going to ask for a helping of his creativity and talent.  Seriously, he makes the violin work in a way that that almost no one ever does.  You listen to him and think, “wow, what great instrumentals!” and not “Ooo, it’s a band.  And a violin.”  For anonanimal.

The new Hyperbole and a Half is why I just don’t get pet owners.  I still laughed super hard and then the Dude got excited because he gets seriously excited when someone laughs, so he started laughing hysterically himself while trying to run to me and jump on me like I was some kind of toddler mosh pit.  Except he was laughing so hard he kept falling over.  It was awesome.


Photo Series of the Day: When he found out his 91-year-old grandmother Frederika was feeling lonely and depressed, French photographer Sacha Goldberger suggested she dress up like a superhero. She was reluctant at first, “but once they got rolling, she couldn’t stop smiling.”

From My Modern Met:

Frederika was born in Budapest 20 years before World War II. During the war, at the peril of her own life, she courageously saved the lives of ten people. When asked how, he tells us “she hid the Jewish people she knew, moving them around to different places everyday.” As a survivor of Nazism and Communism, she then immigrated away from Hungary to France, forced by the Communist regime to leave her homeland illegally or face death.

Aside from great strength, Frederika has an incredible sense of humor, one that defies time and misfortune. She is funny and cynical, always mocking people that she loves.

“Mamika” now has her own MySpace page, where she receives messages of support and admiration from some 2,300 friends.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The cast of Harry Potter speaking the Freedom language.


GPOYW - Why I Needs My Hairs Chopped And Needs Your Advice - edition.  Seriously, I can’t do anything with it except put it in a big clip, and have these two long stringy bits on either side.  And see the second picture, with all those tiny crazy hairs by my scalp?  Another injustice of childbirth, now my hair is growing back and it’s not pretty.  I can’t wear it down because my hair is limp and the front is sooo long.  I’d think just cutting some strait across bangs would help, except 1. my hair is fine so I’m afraid they would be stringy and sad looking, and 2, see that one eyeball sticking out?  I have a cowlick there and I can’t tell the hair there to do anything, so there’s little chance I could get all the hair to sit down.  Husband suggest Mall Bangs.  Could I bring that back???

Thank you in advance for all your wonderful advice to my horrific first-world problems.

a deeper look into why i can't stand most country music which is completely arbitrary except for the fact that when i hear it i start thinking about how i hate it and since i have a master's in music i should be allowed to hate it. i also feel this way about most mariachi music.

Okay, so I’m going to try to clarify my country statements yesterday.  These opinions are just that - opinions.  Not even well thought out ones, just what my brain does when I hear country music.  So no getting offended.

I don’t think I can really articulate what exactly triggers my gag reflex (literally.  GAG).  Especially because there is music some categorize as country that doesn’t trigger it.  I try to call it Americana - real folk music.  GOOD fiddle.  A lot of Bluegrass is too glossy and too fast, but real fiddle is fantastic.  Case in point - I loved the music in O Brother, Where Art Thou?.  Is that called folk?  Nickel Creek - Canadian fiddlin’ - it all flowed from the Celtic tradition, mixed with American spirituals - it’s actual music.  Sugarland really sounds like it comes from that place and that’s why I can listen to it.  Even like it.  Ryan Adams too… although I think what helps with his is that he doesn’t have an affected accent.  I mean it, the accent… it’s like they are exploiting it.  I had a friend in college who was from Oklahoma with the thickest accent I’ve ever heard, and was a voice major.  When he sang, I barely if ever heard it.  Lyle Lovett is without reservation a country artist, but I think he’s great.  A wonderful songwriter - and I hear his amazing voice and not just an accent that sounds like it’s trying too hard.

What makes me sick is formulaic music in any genre.  People who aren’t actually very good musicians and take the template of the typical pop form and add their own insipid lyrics and 3 chords.  I hate it in pop music, and add a twang and glossy instrumentals that are almost exactly like every other song that’s being churned out?  *nuuuuuuuBLEGH!!!!*  It’s not country, but almost every song the Smashing Pumpkins wrote that wasn’t a single (their singles were really creative and great) sound completely alike and after 2 or 3 my head hurts.  A lot.

I guess what I’m saying is I dislike unoriginal music, and most popular country music sounds completely unoriginal to me.  Does that make any sense?

Now, I am human I do have some guilty pleasures… I’ll save those for another day.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Back in high school, I had an English teacher who gave us an assignment of writing as many things we love as we could in 10 minutes.  I was having a really crummy day and I couldn’t do it.  I just sat there crying, unable to think of a happy single thing.  My wonderful teacher quietly put her arm around me and told me not to worry about it - and to make my list of things I hated.  It was so thoughtful and helpful.  Once I got all that out, I felt better and made a happier list lickety split.  

I don’t have a ton of things to complain about, I just feel a little crabby.  Sometimes you get tired of smiling and nodding and want to complain.  Feel free to ignore the rest of this post, and if you go ahead and read it, know that this is not directed at anyone.  I mean it.  Nobody gets to be mad or justify their own crazy, it’s my turn today :)

I finally got an appointment for the Dude to get his hair cut.  The very first one.  I will probably be kneeling on the floor, catching his blond curls and sobbing.

I, on the other hand, have “bangs” that are BELOW my chin.  But finding the time to go and people to watch the kids is… impossible,  Really, exhausting.  I’m using up all the karma I can get just to find daytime sitters so I can make simple doctor’s appoinments.  (and no, I know the next thing you’re thinking is that it’s because I’m knocked up, and NO.  I’m not.  Totally unrelated stuff.)

Take today.  We all know how how strongly I feel about story time at the library.  It is the second most essential thing to do in the week, just under church.  Really.  And we have the awesomest librarian ever.  So even though it’s during the Dude’s morning naptime (which I’m starting to thing he will never give up.  Seriously, why won’t he give it up??) I go anyway because I don’t want WonderGirl to miss out.  And she loves it.  But the Dude is getting worse.  Today he spent the last 15 minutes screaming at the top of his lungs.  I feel like a slave to my house.  We wake up, get ready of our day, then he goes to sleep.  Then I have 2, maybe 3 hours to rush out when he wakes up and try and get anything accomplished, and then I have to sit at home for 2-3 hours while he takes his afternoon nap.  Then it’s getting ready for dinner and all that jazz.  I don’t mind the time off, but I do mind that I’m just sitting here when there are things out there I’d really like to/need to do.  I need a nanny to do nothing but sit at my house while I take the other kid out and breathe the fresh air of freeeedom.

I try to be open-minded and kind to all of God’s creatures.  But really.. I can be petty.  About what?  Music.  Specifically, anything I deem awful.  And if someone disagrees, I get seriously immature and my brain starts screaming YOU DARE TO QUESTION ME??!!!  ME??!!  I HAVE A MASTER’S DEGREE IN MUSIC.  MUSIC!!!!  I know.  But really… and I mean no offense to anyone out there… but if you are willing to listen to country music without getting physically ill, you are a better person than me.  Just thinking about it is making me throw up a little.  And anyone willing to sit through an entire piece of Brahms’ chamber music (too.many.themes).  I do try to be nice.  But somehow I feel entitled.  A LOT of money was spent on my credentials to have an opinion. 

Also, on traits I don’t get are (and I mean this in the nicest way possible) animal lovers, runners, sports fans, anyone selling something in a pyramid scheme, anyone who can stomach the plot lines on Glee, know-it-alls (I know, ironic), killjoys, and most of all - people who use apostrophes where they have no business being (Even Nie.  There, I said it.  I love her, but for the love of Pete, get the girl some English classes).

Phew.   I feel a little better.

(via mar-see-ah:housingworksbookstore) Daniel Radcliffe sings “The Elements” - The Graham Norton Show - Series 8 Episode 4 - BBC One (via BBC) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

space filler

Dutiful NaBloPoMo post.  Must off to bed.  A few random thoughts.  Today was lovery.  Church is nice, but the Dude is not quite convinced.  Oh, the joy in sitting in a dark room trying to restrain your child so they do not deafen the entire congregation.  I’d say these days will pass, but I had to do it with both chilluns today.  Also, I need a haircut in the worst way.  Bangs below my chin, a color I wasn’t too thrilled about growing out quite obviously??  But WHERE??  The lady I’ve been going to has no openings until after the new year!

Also, you know how the stores sell us on the best styles to wear to the holiday parties?  Besides a church Christmas party (hardly a swanky soirre), I never have a holiday thing to gussy up for.  Does anyone??  Do they exist??  Like those calm, fancy multi-generational ones in the Target ads… seriously… anyone??

Aaaaaaaaand scene.  Night!

Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision.

Faith is not only a feeling; it is a decision.
Elder Neil L. Anderson’s 2008 October General Conference address, You Know Enough.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A few weeks ago I picked up this tee for about 2 bucks.  Yes, I am aware it is not remotely age appropriate, but when I find a tee that doesn’t make me look like a lumpy sausage and long enough, I lose my head just a bit.  Plus, when I wear shirts with big silly pictures, the Dude thinks it’s hysterical.  So 2 bucks for a fabulous fitting about-the-house shirt?  When I rarely leave the house?  Nice.


There’s no way I can wear it.  WonderGirl, aka the No Bad Words Police banned it, and rightfully so.  If she’s not allowed to say “stupid,” I definitely can’t wear it on an extremely comfortable, not too squeezy or too short tee shirt.  This is another one of those downsides to having a kid who can read.  Le sigh.  Curses…?

Sigur Rós - Ára Bátur I think this comment sums this up perfectly : “This song is set on repeat at the gates of heaven.” It’s 9+ minutes of crescendo and humanity. If you have 10 minutes and are in the need of a good tear-jerker, this is it.

This morning on the drive to preschool, WonderGirl wished out loud that her side window had wipers like the windshield. Then, after examining her side some more, she laughed - “I love the constellations the raindrops make on my window!” I rather dig that perspective.

If you’ve seen Love Actually, this scene always breaks my heart a little.  I need to take whoever (whomever?) made this graphic and added the last picture out for an ice cream cone.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

soul music


Si Beag Si Mor (pronounced Sh’Beg Sh’More) is an Irish ballad that is usually played slowly, hauntingly, sweetly, with a touch of ache to it.  I played it as my brother followed his wife’s coffin out of her funeral.  Dang, I can’t even type that sentence without crying. Back in college, three members of our orchestra were killed on the way to a gig, and we played a memorial service for them.  The brother of one of the victims was a conducting student at the university, and directed us playing Barber’s Adagio for Strings.  I can’t listen to that song anymore - I hear it and I’m transported to that moment, with the brother standing over me, conducting the massive crescendo so beautifully and perfectly while tears streamed down his face.  To this day I have to excuse myself if it’s being played, or I’ll lose it.  You can imagine - or maybe you shouldn’t - what it was trying to play while I watched my brother limp behind Megan’s casket.  I’d never have been able to play it Si Beag Si Mor again - if it wasn’t for this AMAZING version by Lissa Schneckenburger.  Instead of bringing up any painful memories, it dances.  Doesn’t it make your heart sing??  It reminds me that no matter what happens in this life, we have to find a way to keep smiling and dancing.  We have to.  So now, this is the version I play (Michael even talked me into playing a rockabilly version last summer - and as sacrilegious as it seems, it kinda worked) .  Every time play this, I feel Megan there, dancing, and I feel like I’m dancing along there with her.  Put a little dance into your day and have a listen.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GPOYW- This Is What Glamour Looks Like - edition.  Played at the park and the zoo, toddler went down for a nap, we had a reading lesson and a piano lesson and snuggle time, and now she’s watching Educational Television.  Some people can do all that AND look fantastic.  I am not one of those people.  Booya for them.  But it could be waaayyyy worse.  I have clean underwears on.  Woot.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lazy post for today, but you don’t care because you are laughing, no?  If not, you need to get your funny bone checked.  It’s a serious medical condition.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Husband took the kids for a walk and I’m sitting alone for a moment in the airport with a smoothie. The calm before the storm… I don’t think I’ve ever been more relaxed. Heaven!!

On the way to the airport. Vacation: successful. We’ll be flying to Milwaukee then driving the 2 hours to ClownTown. We survived the flight here, so I pray I can cuddle the Dude into submission for the next few hours. Tomorrow I will resume normal bloggering. If I can make it to tomorrow…

Sunday, November 7, 2010

rock of ages

We went to our old ward (church congregation) today.  I’m having a lovely time on our vacation here in my old stomping grounds, but I do find myself routinely having to blink back tears.  I miss it so, so much.  We drove through the area that husband and I had our first dates and fell in love.  I see people and places that WonderGirl loved that I know the Dude would too.  I’m not romanticizing here.. okay, maybe a little.  There is just so much more here… more cultural and educational things I could expose the kids to - not to mention the convenience of a major metropolitan area (i.e. SHOPPING, and awesome food).

But the thing I may miss most of all was something I got to do this morning.  We ran into one of the counselors in the bishopric on Thursday and he asked me to play violin in church - so set the right tone for fast and testimony meeting.  So, my father in law and I worked up a lovely duet of O My Father and Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.  (side note to anyone that was there - the violin I used was one that my MIL got by trading a painting for it in college.  So the tone I managed to get out of it was monumental, in my opinion, and I’m not even Dallin.  Just sayin’.) It sounded lovely except for one sad high C… the intensity of how magical it is to create music with my FIL overwhelmed me and my bow arm started shaking.  I made it to the end and found my way back to my seat, where I had to just cry and get the tears out.  I miss this.  All of it.  WonderGirl drew a picture of me crying and showed it to me, so I smiled and asked her to draw one of that.  I don’t want to spend my vacation feeling bad about what I miss, I want to just enjoy it.  And I’m managing to, I think.  But that music thing was just a little too much.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is what vacation looks like, FYI.

OH MAN I MISS THE SOUTH AND THE SUBURBS.  I was drying my hair this morning and thought, “Dang, I need a diffuser for my hair dryer.  I don’t have one.  Why don’t I go to the local beauty supply shop and get one?.”  SO I DID.  Yesterday husband thought, “I should go get a new suit.”  SO HE DID.  TWO, ACTUALLY.  OH, THE CONVENIENCE OF IT ALL!!!!  maybe, just MAYBE I’ll get on the plane Monday.  MAYBE.

Friday, November 5, 2010

rockin' the suburbs

To do list for today:  Play and be awesome. Check.  Go shopping and buy stuff.  Half check.  I didn’t get anything, and husband just spent over $200.  I guess that’s okay, a moth did eat one of his suits.  Next on the agenda - go get sushi with husband’s best friend and his smokin’ hawt wife.  Oh, did I mention it’s all you can eat???  The husband went back in June and it nearly brought him to tears.

Oh, and I blame the fact that I’m on vacation and haven’t had the time to properly address this, but did you know yesterday was my brother and Jane’s 10th wedding anniversary?!?!  How on earth do I have a brother that has been married 10 years?!?!  Even more amazingly, she has braved living with that loveable smell factory for 10 whole years.  You guys are amazing!!!  (I will properly address this at a later date.  But rest assured that I have been thinking about it all week and was going to make a big post about it, except I didn’t realize I’d be all tied up yesterday flying all over jabib with youngins.  Time consuming and all that.  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

So what is the point of NaBloPoMo if Tumblr won’t post my entry from yesterday?? Why Blo if it won’t Po??? Sigh. I tried to get it to show up, but that’s not so easy from my phone. We’re on our way to the ATL for the weekend because husband snagged a sweet deal on tickets. Sushi! Target! Krispy Kremes! Actual activities for children! Grandparents! Not Wisconsin! Aside from having to wrangle the Dude on an airplane for 3 hours, this weekend promises to be awe-flippin’-some.

GPOYW - the I think I’ll take a picture of me in this vest for GPOYW because I’m not sure I can pull it off, and then the WonderGirl barges in yelling “CAN I HAVE A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH THAT ISN’T GRILLED LOOK I HAVE THE INGREDIENTS RIGHT HERE!!!” right as I’m taking the picture - edition.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

free at last!

Goodbye election 2010. Some good people won, some good people lost - including my husband’s last second bid for coroner. I really wish people would get over the “WE WON!! IN YOUR FACE, NOBODY LIKES YOU!!” and the “WE LOST!! IT’S THE END OF DAYS!!” and maybe be like “hey, how ya doin’? Maybe we could be friends?” Probably not, but a girl can dream.

One dream that is a reality is that our new sheriff is Chip Meister. No joke. Say it out loud. The Chip Meister. You don’t get that in them big cities, oh no. Chip. Meister. I’m sure he’s a lovely fellow. Sigh…

(viasaraplainandtall) Best thing I have seen in awhile. If you need a smile today then you need to watch this. (at Heathrow airport) (I know it’s a T-mobile ad, but I still love it)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the good, the bad, the ugly

the Good:

WonderGirl has been learning to read and she’s doing really well.  Really bleepetybleeping well.  It was so odd and awesome when she was learning to talk, because she was so happy about the amazing new world open to her.  Heck, it still is - every day she gets to learn a new word and is THRILLED about it.  But it was a shock to hear my former ball of baby making coherent sentences, and it’s like that all over again.  We were walking down the street the other day and she started jumping up and down, pointing and screaming  ”MOM! That sign says ‘Toy Store Now Open!’  It’s OPEN!!  LET’S GO GET TOYS!!!!”  So this ‘good’ obviously has a downside to it as well.

Also, I got some Pip Squeakers on eBay for a cool 10 bucks shipped, and the Dude is running around in circles, laughing hysterically at his feet.  We are going on a trip this weekend, and since he’s in the running stage, I’ve been a little nervous about him in the airport.  He won’t get too far anyway, because even if he did try to run, he’d eventually fall over from laughing at his squeaking feet.

the Bad:

I made the coolest corkscrew pasta for the kids for lunch, and they both ended up throwing it on the floor.  Wasn’t the Dude supposed to be less picky??  Sigh, at least he’ll eat some things, as opposed to WG.  Last night he ate almost an entire jar of apple sauce in one sitting.

the Ugly:

The house.  It was so clean last week… how on earth did it become so scary so quickly??

oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I really want to make a profile on Mormon.org but I canNOT find a decent picture of myself.  I can barely find any that are of just me and are not insanely goofy looking.  I’m so lucky that I have the time to be annoyed by such trivial matters.

Monday, November 1, 2010

a good start

Everyone on the blog-o-sphere seems to be all dreamy and optimistic about this November thing.  Oooo, it’s soooo snuggly, oooo, I love the fall… I feel the pull, I used to love it too.  But I also know it means in a matter of weeks, I’ll be encapsulated in a white tomb for months.  And months. ZZZZZZHIFUGWRIU.

But the blog-o-sphere is also all about being trippy about November, and what to be thankful for.  I guess that’s a train I can get on.

I am thankful that today, there is no snow.  I am thankful that Man invented fire.  How great is fire??  I mean not the hurt-y, destroy-y part, but the warm-y part.  That part is nice.  I am thankful for the light behind my children’s eyes.  Have you met those kids who only have blank stares?  I have.  Even if the light is saying that the Dude is calculating how to best tackle his sister (in the nicest way possible, it’s hilarious), it’s awesome.  I’m thankful for a smart husband.  I’m thankful for my digestive system.  That’s a nice thing to have.  I’m thankful for my cool mom.  I’m thankful that our number is wonky so haven’t had a single robocall.  I’m thankful for my education, and parents insane enough to help me get it.  

Oh, and in the immortal words of my uncle, I’m thankful for right turn on red.

It's Monday.

Hellloooooo Monday.  Hello NaBloPoMo!  I’m trying to come up with a bang-up way to start the month, but this is how I feel today.  I also desperately want home made bread but I cannot for the life of me understand any recipes I find.  ”Turn out onto a lightly floured surface.”  ”Moisten edge with water and seal. Taper ends.”  What blasted language are they speaking??

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HEAR YE. I need to document the fact that I ran 3 miles and didn't feel like death.  So just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did...